20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (2024)


20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (1)

This article was written byLauren Copping– a professional interior designer – to ensure that the content is unique and factually accurate.

Dark wood features in bedrooms can have a very calming effect in a space.

For example, dark wood on walls, floors, and ceilings make the space feel enclosed and warm, whilst dark wood furniture can add elegance and weight to the room.

But how do you use dark wood in a bedroom effectively?

The most effective way to use dark wood in your bedroom is to use the 80/20 rule – where 80% of the visual composition includes dark wood and the remaining 20% is made up of light tones (or vice-versa) in order to create a pleasing contrast.

In the rest of this article, I have used my professional design knowledge to exemplify this through 20 dark wood bedroom ideas to inspire you.

I have also included a section under each design that explains exactly how to copy each look.

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20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas

Here are 20 dark wood bedroom ideas that you can copy or adapt to suit your project:

1: Use White Bedding to Highlight Antique Furniture

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (2)

Carved wooden furniture is beautiful and timeless in its design, yet can easily be overlooked in a room if the surrounding space is visually chaotic.

In this space, the dark bed stands out in a white-painted room and is also placed in the center of the room.

Simple white bedding further accentuates the wooden frame.

How to Recreate This Look:

If you have a large wooden bed frame, similar to this, center it in your space or place it against the wall.

Keep the walls white or off-white in color, to allow the bed to stand out against them.

For the soft materials, like bedding and curtains, choose a similar color and tone to the walls.

Add colorful accents through minimalistic wall art, and potted plants.

Here are 11 colors that go with brown bedroom furniture.

2: Frame the Bed With a Raw, Dark Wood Headboard

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (3)

This simple statement headboard can make a big impact on the aesthetics of a bedroom.

Raw edge wood with this dark tone adds a strong masculine style to the room and pairs well with metals, whites, and grays.

This space has added interest through the exposed brick wall section, which serves as a vertical feature.

How to Recreate This Look:

To recreate this look, you should find a piece of raw wood that can act as a headboard.

Stain it dark, and place it behind your bed, which you could set on several recycled palettes.

If you don’t have exposed brick in your bedroom, consider painting an accent wall, or applying a wallcovering.

Vertical contrasting elements, like an accent wall, help to lead the eye upwards, making the space feel taller and more spacious.

Accent the space with black in the lighting fixtures, photo frames, and curtains.

Here are 10 dark accent wall ideas to consider for your bedroom.

3: Place Modern, Dark Wooden Furniture in a Bright Space

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (4)

Classic architectural features are common in old homes and apartments.

They are often masked and layered with different colored paint, over time.

This space is striking because the features are painted white, and create interesting shadows that draw the eye upwards.

The rich wooden floors, and similarly toned credenza, create a warm environment and the creeping gallery wall supports the transition between the dark floors and the ornate ceiling.

How to Recreate This Look:

If you have warm wooden floors and interesting architectural features, consider painting your space white or off-white, if it isn’t so already.

When adding furniture to the space, ensure it’s of a similar tone to the wooden floors.

Choose artworks with muted neutral colors to keep the visual style consistent, and, of course, accent with plants.

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4: Use Deep Toned Barn Doors to Emphasize Dark Ceilings

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (5)

I am a big fan of wood used on vertical surfaces and ceilings.

It adds a unique warmth that is hard to achieve with paint.

This space is a perfect example of this.

The bedroom looks cozy and inviting with its dark ceiling, and is framed by the heavy barn doors that lead into the space.

The walls are kept white to help reflect light around the space, and color is added through artwork.

How to Recreate This Look:

If you have a wooden ceiling, or any type of dark wood rafters in your bedroom, consider where it may be possible to add a barn door to your space.

It will make the experience of entering the room that much warmer.

Keep walls and window treatments light, and add color through an expressive gallery wall.

If you want more patterns in your space, include a large format, patterned rug for interest.

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5: Layer a Light Wood Platform Bed On a Dark Floor

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (6)

Combining wood tones in a home can be a very interesting design feature that helps to communicate flow or function in a space.

In this room, the focal point is created by layering the light wood bed platform on top of the dark wood floor.

The wall behind the bed boasts a texture that adds warmth to the room.

How to Recreate This Look:

Layer a lighter bed frame on top of your dark wood floors.

This could be a platform bed, as seen above, or just a regular bed frame of a similar mid-tone.

I would also suggest adding a neutral-colored area rug for contrast against the floor.

Layer your bedding with different shades of charcoal grays and white, and center the bed between two bedside pendants.

Here are 6 colors that go with cherry wood bedroom furniture.

6: Contrast Soft Furnishings and Salvaged Dark Wood Furniture

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (7)

This example shows a cabinet made from pieces of reclaimed wood, cut and assembled into a crafted piece.

Its texture and varied dark wood pieces add a unique depth to this bedroom space.

The bed remains cloud-like with the light bedding and upholstered headboard.

The wooden cabinet piece and bold lamp act as a frame for the bed set by adding visual weight.

How to Recreate This Look:

If this style speaks to you, have fun creating a soft, serene space with reclaimed wood accents.

Start by placing your bed against a large, upholstered headboard.

A light beige or linen color for both the upholstery and bedding will work best for keeping the bright aesthetic.

Next, place bedside tables or dressers in the space that are made from properly treated salvaged wood.

Look for a lamp that has metal or painted accents, which bring out the dark grain in the furniture piece it sits on.

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7: Combine Dark Wood with Charcoal Paint for a Masculine Look

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (8)

Mixing dark textures and tones in a bedroom space is a great way to create an ideal sleeping environment.

Aside from reducing light reflection, dark paint with a dull charcoal tone brings the texture forward in any dark wood grain within the room.

In this example, the wood is the warmest and most colorful element in the vignette.

How to Recreate This Look:

There are many ways to paint a room dark – in this example, it looks like there is a painted concrete effect on the wall, and the paint has a matt finish, so as to not reflect light.

You don’t have to paint your entire room black – even an accent wall can create the same effect.

Just make sure your paint has a matt finish.

Place your dark plank wood bed frame against this wall, and choose light, off-white bedding to lighten up the space.

Place a black sconce or bedside lamp on a black bedside table to complete your setup.

This is how you paint a small bedroom a dark color properly.

8: Contrast Light Wood Floors and Wall Features with Dark Wood

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (9)

Sometimes combining various wood tones can be rather beautiful, and can create a natural aesthetic.

In this example, there is dark wood, light wood, and ebonized wood all contrasting with each other.

The designer chose deliberate items to apply these finishes to.

The wood of the flooring and walls is light, keeping the space airy and flowing.

The bed’s leather, and the underside of the accent chair, reference the same warm wood tone.

The bedside tables, chair structure, and bench all make a statement with their black finish.

How to Recreate This Look:

If you have light floors, start populating the space by adding vertical, light wood elements to the walls.

This could be a wood wall art piece or divider screens that are light in tone.

For your bed or drawers, choose pieces that are dark in wood tone, but keep them consistent with each other.

To finish the space off, place ebonized wood accent furniture to add some weight to the room.

Balance all of this with dark gray lighting, and light, minimalist wall art or rugs.

Here are the 10 best colors to pair with black bedroom furniture.

9: Layer a Dark Wood Backdrop and Ornate Pendant Lights

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (10)

Using dark wood in living spaces is common in places like Southeast Asia because of the region’s common tree species.

In this example, traditional decorative panels create a defined space for the bed setting.

The wood-paneled backdrop is finished to bring out the true red tone in the wood.

This space is a balanced statement space with a combination of gold accents, green plants, and the distinctive warmth in the woodgrains.

How to Recreate This Look:

Apply a wood finish to the vertical surface behind your bed.

This could be real paneling or graphic wallcovering.

Next, place your bed against the wall, and mount a gold-framed piece of art or a mirror above.

Keep your bedding a neutral off-white or gray, and choose throw pillows and blankets to compliment other natural materials in the room.

Hang a lantern-style pendant light on either side of the bed to complete the balanced vignette.

Here are the 7 best bedding colors to pair with gray walls.

10: Create a Focal Point With a Bold, Wood-Framed Mirror

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (11)

Using wood finishes within an otherwise monochromatic space creates a big visual impact.

This room’s setup is quite sleek, with its upholstered bed frame and abstract wall mural, but the wood-framed mirror gives the space a warmth and depth that only natural textures can bring.

How to Recreate This Look:

Plan your space to have a monochromatic color scheme.

Pay close attention to how you layer grays, whites, and blacks, and how you add texture throughout the space.

To create a look close to this, try making a simple upholstered headboard with plywood, padding, and a soft textile.

Place a black and white graphic on your wall, or have a go at painting one yourself.

Once you have your main bed setting arranged, place a large wooden feature on another large wall in the room.

It could be an art piece or a framed mirror such as this one.

Have a look at these 9 oak bedroom furniture ideas.

11: Install Modular Wooden Shelving for Functionality

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (12)

Bedrooms can always use more storage and more space to display books and photos.

I love this idea of a full wall shelving unit because it adds so much personality to the room.

Notice the subtle flooring and décor, and the blue sofa that is a direct contrast with the shelving, which is orange in tone.

How to Recreate This Look:

Draw and plan a modular shelving wall for your space.

Allow space for drawers, cabinets, adjustable shelves, and maybe a TV area – as seen in this example.

Allow the furniture to add color to the room, but keep the number of furniture pieces to a minimum.

Populate the shelves with your favorite books, souvenirs, or artworks.

Check out the 7 best and worst bedroom shelving ideas here.

12: Contrast Dark Wood Furniture and Lighter Wood Floors

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (13)

This space shows the weight that dark wood can carry when placed as furniture in a bright space.

The tone of the floor slightly contrasts with that of the furniture for a layered effect.

The style remains modern, with clean lines and consistent edges throughout the room.

The bright walls and light curtains offset the dark wood, keeping the space well-lit.

How to Recreate This Look:

If you have medium-toned wood flooring, perhaps this solution will suit your style.

When you furnish your space, aim for a collection of furniture that is all in the same wood tone.

Stick with either a curved or rectilinear design when it comes to furniture edges.

If you’re feeling bold, paint your window trims black, and soften with tall white curtains to keep optimal light filtering into the room.

Add two smoky glass pendants for bedside lamps, and define the sleeping space with a neutral rug.

Here are 22 LED lighting ideas for your bedroom.

13: Be Consistent with Dark Tones Throughout the Space

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (14)

A bold space like this is intentionally designed with its selection of materials.

This luxurious and warm space is heavily defined by the dark wood veneer used throughout.

We see some dark wood grain on the wall surrounding the bed setting, but the majority of this material is used on the wall opposite the bed.

The bed’s headboard and skirting references this dark wood tone, keeping the style consistent throughout the room.

How to Recreate This Look:

It’s best practice to be consistent in color throughout your room when applying wood on vertical surfaces.

If you have a wall of paneling or wallcovering, try to match this wood tone, or a similar color, on other walls or pieces of furniture.

This specific look also combines modern and traditional luxury, to create a new style unique to this space.

Recreate this unique style by using an ornate bed frame with clean, modern side tables, or the other way around.

Discover how to build your own wardrobe out of plywood in 7 steps here.

14: Create a Rustic Theme With Black, White, and Dark Woods

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (15)

This space reminds me of an old farmhouse or an industrial-era flat in New York.

It holds all the visual weight low to the floor and is minimalist in its furnishings and art.

The bed’s platform frame almost blends in with the floor, which has a similar tone.

The art mounted on either side of the bed is visually simple, but helps break up the empty white wall space.

How to Recreate This Look:

Create or purchase a platform bed frame that matches the tone of your dark wood flooring.

This will set the tone for your whole room, and make it a warm, dark, and relaxing environment.

Layer the platform bed with gray and white bedding, and a black cushioned headboard.

Since the bed lies low to the floor, other furniture pieces should be lower as well.

For example, notice how the bedside table surfaces sit at a functional height next to the bed, just in line with the top of the mattress.

Finish the space off with minimalistic artwork, and greenery.

Here are 10 modern farmhouse bedroom ideas to copy.

15: Apply a Wood Panel Ceiling for Warmth

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (16)

Older homes will sometimes have wood-paneled ceilings that make for a remarkably cozy look.

This classically styled space has many wooden features, which are balanced out by the white furniture in the room.

The wood-framed windows add a statement to the wall space, and the curtains bring in a subtle blue that ties in with the bedding.

How to Recreate This Look:

Does your home have a full wood-paneled room?

If so, consider adopting this style to lighten it up, and balance out the warm wood tones.

Paint the vertical walls white, leaving the trim pieces and window frames in their natural color.

The key is to let the wooden floors and ceilings speak the loudest, so avoid using other wood furniture in the room.

I always recommend white or off-white to offset darker materials.

I would suggest white bedding and natural linen cushions for the chair.

Here are 15 tips for decorating your bedroom with white walls.

16: Highlight Beams with Similar-Toned Wood Furniture

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (17)

The personality in this space is defined by the wooden features throughout the room.

Notice that the exposed rafters match the tone of the bed frame.

The scheme is kept natural with canvas art, and contrasting dark pieces, such as the drawers and headboard.

The natural aesthetic of this space would be calming to anyone using it.

How to Recreate This Look:

The best way to recreate this look is to plan for 50% of your furniture to be black or ebonized, and 50% to be a similar dark wood tone to that already in the bedroom.

Decorate the walls with natural canvas art and muted colors.

In this specific space, I would suggest either light gray bedding, as shown, or even a navy comforter on a lighter gray quilt.

Check out these 18 relaxing navy blue bedroom ideas.

17: Use a Timber Bed Frame for an Industrial Statement Piece

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (18)

Industrial-style spaces are known for their dark, salvaged wood features.

The bed in this space is anchored by its black headboard, which rests against the raw concrete wall, and warmed up by the timber frame that supports the mattress.

In this example, I see the warm timber frame reference the red tones in the brick, just outside the room.

Also, the black in the headboard hints at the black-framed doors and windows.

How to Recreate This Look:

If you’re up for a big DIY project, attach timber frames together to create your supporting platform.

Install a dark black headboard, and offset with a lighter charcoal bedding set.

Consider painting the window and door frames black, if they are not already, and if you’re using window treatments, make sure they are bright and light, so as not to distract from the furniture.

Tie the space together with black accent lighting and side tables.

This is how you create a dark academia styled bedroom in 7 steps.

18: Accentuate Wooden Window Frames to Create Warmth

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (19)

This bedroom is pleasing to look at, due to its even segmentation, and consistent lines.

Notice that the ceiling panels and doors throughout the room are referencing the linear patterns in the window framing.

Because there are windows on either side of the room, their small footprint feels larger.

How to Recreate This Look:

If you have tall wooden window frames in your bedroom space, accentuate them with other linear wood lines in the room.

For example, choose a headboard with repeating horizontal lines, or buy a tall wardrobe with vertical lines in its door design.

Use clear glass pendants for bedside lighting and bright neutral bedding.

Here are 22 ways to style a small attic bedroom.

19: Eligantly Combine Dark Wood Furniture with Light Pastels

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (20)

Dark wood furniture can create a truly elegant space when used in small doses.

In this example, the primary color scheme plays with pastel colors and varying textures.

When dark wood furniture is placed in the space, it stands out against all other features in the room.

How to Recreate This Look:

This look is best recreated in a space with light floors.

Paint your main walls an off-white, pink pastel, and paint architectural features with a pastel green-blue.

One helpful tip is to compare your paint colors, to make sure they are different in color, but similar in shade.

Populate your room with dark wood furniture.

I keep thinking about the carved wood bed in the first image, for this space.

Here are 10 colors that go with gray bedroom furniture.

20: Fit Dark Wood Chevron Panels to Ground the Room

20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (21)

Dark wood walls in combination with light wood floors pose a new perspective for a bedroom space.

These wood chevron planks make an interesting accent wall, but also help to showcase neutral-colored furniture placed in the space.

This plank pattern also adds a sense of motion to the room.

How to Recreate This Look:

Just last month I helped a client find a wallcovering for their bedroom space, and we chose a pattern similar to this.

It wasn’t real wood, but it gave the same visual effect.

Make sure the wallcovering you choose will complement the tones in your flooring.

Once this is applied, you’re ready to add your neutral wood furniture, and linen-colored bedding, that will stand out against the contrasting walls.

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20 Dark Wood Bedroom Ideas (Pro Designs) (22)


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