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Showing Value in Billing Descriptions

Have you ever had a client write down a bill? Or question an amount? Your bill is one of your most important client communications. Find ways to show the value of the work you do for clients, follow best practices for billing and send invoices that clients pay without question. You can also develop standardized descriptions for your whole firm…

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Off the Hook: When Phone Calls Become Nightmares

You have a thriving practice. Almost too thriving. The phone is constantly ringing. Clients say that you are not responding to calls, but they often do not leave a message. Your team is overwhelmed. Is there some way to help deal with the incessant and time-consuming phone communication? Outsourcing If you do not have a dedicated receptionist and you or…

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Gift Buying Guides for the Lawyers in Your Life

We have been told to purchase gifts early this year due to delayed shipping and supply chain woes. If you have not started purchasing gifts for those on your list, or you have not put together your wish list for those who keep asking, here is a roundup of the gifts for lawyers blog posts out for 2021, plus a…

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What’s New in MS PowerPoint?

You can use a slide deck for enhancing your opening and closing statements, educating an audience, or persuading a client. The MS PowerPoint software is feature rich and you can do far more than just use it during a live presentation. Because subscribers to Microsoft 365 receive constant updates to the software here are a few new features and some…

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Feedback Loops: Performance Evaluations in Law Firms

Does your firm have employee reviews for the support team and associates? Is there a system in place to provide regular performance evaluations? Do you have a way for support staff and associates to offer feedback on supervising and managing attorneys? Without regular reviews any disciplinary actions or termination may feel baseless and personal. A regular cadence of feedback will…

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A Recruiter’s Thoughts on Resigning Without Having a Job Lined Up

Guest Post by Rosario Canales and Nikki D Green fromAve Staffing Have you ever felt so frustrated at your current position that you have seriously considered throwing in the towel? Have you ever felt that although you don’t have a plan B to resort to, the feeling of quitting feels very tempting? Perhaps you had a disagreement with your manager,…

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What’s New with Microsoft To Do?

Microsoft continues to improve MS To-Do, the app they purchased from Wunderlist in June 2015. While you can get MS To Do as a free stand-alone product, integrations with MS Planner, MS Teams and expanded integrations with MS Outlook/Exchange in the MS 365 suite mean that you have more intelligent suggestions for what should go on your daily task list….

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Do You Own Your Firm’s Web Presence?

A recent lawsuit involving the control of a popular social media profile serves as a reminder to law firms and business owners to make sure that their web presence – including websites, social media profiles, domain names, and Google profiles – are owned and controlled by the firm. Considerations regarding admin rights, logins, fine print regarding portability and content of…

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The Cost of Not Upgrading Technology

Many law firms put off upgrading and replacing outdated software and hardware because of the cost and disruption. However, putting off purchasing replacement hardware and updating your operating systems, server software, and mission critical systems until they are outdated and insecure will cost far more eventually. The delay in upgrades and replacements will have a cascading effect, forcing you to…

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Tips from the CPM ICYMI Newsletter (August – September 2021)

Every weeksubscribersreceive the ICYMI enewsletter from the NCBA Center for Practice Management. The newsletter highlights tips, tools, trends, and techniques to help your law practice. Following are a few popular links from the past issues of the newsletter. Technology Competence for Every Lawyer (October 01, 2021) Jim Calloway points out that the comment to Rule 1.1 regarding technology competency applies…

2021 - North Carolina Bar Association (2024)
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