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American Freight Headquarters & Corporate Office


American Freight

American Freight Furniture, Mattress, Appliance, or American Freight, is a US retail company that sells furniture, mattresses and home appliances.



Corporate Phone Number

(740) 363-2222

Customer Support Phone Number


Headquartered Address

680 Sunbury Rd suite a, Delaware,

OH 43015, USA




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  1. American Freight Headquarters & Corporate Office (5)

    Pat Weaver

    Date: June 15, 2023
    To whom it may concern,
    This summary is a bit lengthy, but I want to accurately describe the recent issues with living room and bedroom furniture recently purchased at American Freight:
    On May 20, 2023, my wife and son went to the Ardmore, OK. American Freight store and bought $3733 worth of furniture for my son in Oklahoma. The furniture was delivered the following Monday. It was then discovered that the incorrect Queen mattress was delivered. The store sent the correct mattress within a couple of hours. I certainly understand that these mistakes happen and was very pleased with the expediency in correcting the mistake. Our overall experience with the Ardmore store was very good. The sales associate (Courtney) was very courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable.
    My other son is relocating to Arlington from Richland Hills, TX. moving to a new apartment on June 9, 2023. We wanted to purchase a new living room & bedroom set in advance, so we decided to go with American Freight in the DFW Texas area since we had such a good experience with the American Freight in Ardmore, OK.
    On May 29th, my son (Josh) went to the Richland Hills location to pick out his furniture. He chose the nordicREST Oslo 14” Plush Hybrid Queen Mattress ‘set’, along with the rest of the selected bedroom and living room furniture.
    Since I (father) was paying for the furniture, I contacted the Richland Hills store (10:51 am) and spoke to ‘Tommy’ about how to handle this. I was instructed to place the order online and he would see/review the order online. We also discussed the delivery charge since I was purchasing at the Richland Hills store (location), yet the Arlington and Grand Prairie stores were closer to the actual delivery location.
    As directed, I placed the furniture order online with no problems. I then placed a follow up call (12:15 pm) to ‘Tommy’ to confirm each item on the order and ensure that he had adjusted/credited the delivery charge (we had discussed earlier). I also received the confirmation email with the order details and order confirmation number. I assumed everything was ‘set’ for the scheduled delivery in 11 days on June 9th.
    About an hour later my son received a call from the Grand Prairie store saying the Queen Mattress set was no longer available. *This was after I had already selected and paid for the mattress set online*. My son then immediately contacted me.
    I called the Grand Prairie store (2:51 pm) and spoke to ‘Neisha’. She stated to me that “when they went in the back to check earlier, they found that they did not have that mattress set. However, this mattress is available at the Waco store”. I asked what my options were. She said I could “drive to the Waco store and pick it up!”.
    I asked if they could have one of their trucks bring it over to that store or the Richland Hills or Arlington store since the scheduled delivery date (June 9th) was 11 days away. I assumed since A.F. has several Texas locations there would be a delivery truck coming from Waco at some point. I was then informed that this was not an option.
    I asked if there might be another similar Queen Mattress sets available in-store. She gave me a couple of options (Sealey & Sweeden?). I told her that since my son had gone in the Richland Hills store and laid down on and selected the nordicREST mattress I would prefer not to compromise. She said she would check on having the mattress set moved to one of the Forth Worth/Arlington area stores and will call me back that afternoon. ‘Neisha’ NEVER called me back on this day.
    A couple hours later since ‘Neisha’ never called me back, I contacted the Richland Hills store. ‘Tommy’ was unavailable at that time. The lady took my phone number and said she would have him call me back shortly. ‘Tommy’ NEVER called me back on this day.
    At this time, I had placed the furniture order and paid for the furniture order online, then afterwards found out that American Freight did not have the Queen Mattress set I had paid for, and I was unable to get anyone to return my calls, at either store that same day.
    The following morning, I waited for the Richland Hills store to open at noon. I called (12:24 pm) and spoke to ‘Israel’. I asked to speak to ‘Tommy’ but was told by ‘Israel’ that “Tommy’ does not work at this store and was just filling in yesterday.”
    I explained the situation to ‘Israel’. By this point I just wanted to get the order completed and the delivery date scheduled ASAP. I told ‘Israel’ that at this point I am willing to compromise and replace the Original Queen Mattress set with the ‘Sealy Marquess Queen Firm 14.5″ Mattress with FREE Foundation’ since it was immediately available (in stock).
    I was informed that due to fact that the Sealy Mattress set was less expensive than the nordicREST Mattress I would need to come in the store and ‘sign’ for the credit. I explained to him that I live 7 hours away and this is not convenient for me. He said that he needs to speak to someone to make sure he doesn’t do anything wrong (his words) and then call me back shortly.
    I waited 3 hours then contacted ‘Israel’ since he did not call me back. He was able to make the change/credit without me having to do it in person.
    On June 8th , (the day before scheduled delivery) I contacted the Richland Hills store and spoke to ‘Geneva’ to confirm delivery was still scheduled for the following day (June 9th) and to make sure they had my son’s phone number where the furniture was to be delivered. She confirmed that the delivery was scheduled as planned for tomorrow and recorded my son’s phone number.
    My son arrived at his new (empty) apartment (he had leased that morning) at 11:00 am to receive the furniture delivery. At 4:00 pm I contacted Israel at the Richland Hills store to find out an ETA for the furniture delivery. I was informed that his delivery driver had ‘walked out’ on him (quit) and there would be no delivery. He apologized and said it was his fault for not contacting my son (or myself).
    I was utterly shocked that he had not called my son or myself to inform us of this significant change of schedule. I (and my son) would have waited in vain for furniture that was not coming that day at all! And not even a courtesy phone call from American Freight. My son had taken off work to receive the furniture as well.
    I asked ‘Israel’ when the furniture could be delivered. He stated that they (Richland Hills Store) could not do it on Saturday or Sunday because they could not train/qualify a new delivery driver before Monday. I then asked if there were any other delivery drivers available at other nearby locations (Grand Prairie, Arlington, & DFW-Wheatland).
    ‘Israel’ informed me that Arlington (closest to my delivery location) does not have/employ delivery drivers. ‘Israel’ then contacted Grand Prairie then called me back saying that this driver was on vacation this weekend. He then contacted ‘Tommy’ at the DFW-Wheatland store and told me Wheatland could deliver tomorrow (Saturday) and that I should contact ‘Tommy’ at that store to work out the details.
    I informed ‘Israel’ that Saturday is not an option as my son would not be available as he would be out of town. But I would speak with ‘Tommy’ about rescheduling delivery for Sunday (since Richland Hills would not have a qualified driver until whenever…).
    I then asked ‘Israel’ where the furniture was actually located, and he said that they (Richland Hills) has everything “but the recliner” and that it would not be a problem locating a recliner. This made me nervous since the entire purchase was supposed to have been delivered that day from this store yet they did not have the recliner?
    ‘Israel’ said that DFW-Wheatland has the complete/entire furniture order at that store and could be delivered from the DFW-Wheatland location. I told Israel that I was apprehensive and worried that something else could go wrong and asked that we review the order ‘line by line’ to make certain there were no oversights/mistakes, so we did.
    I then contacted ‘Tommy’ at the DFW-Wheatland store (at 7:37 PM) as directed. I was shocked when ‘Tommy’ said that the furniture was “on the truck now and supposed to be delivered today!” (his words). How could ‘Israel’ not have known that the furniture was on the delivery truck if ‘Israel’ had spoken to ‘Tommy’ a few minutes earlier??? Again, more disappointed and in amazement at such poor communication within the American Freight organization.
    At this point late in the evening, my son had already departed for a family event the following day (Saturday 10th) and could not be there to receive the furniture. The furniture was taken back to the DFW-Wheatland store.
    I asked ‘Tommy’ when the soonest the furniture could be delivered. He informed me that they could deliver tomorrow (Saturday 10th), which was not an option for my son, or Monday 12th. ‘Tommy’ stated that they (DFW-Wheatland) do not deliver on Sunday as this is the delivery crew’s day off (& Thursday’s).
    We scheduled the delivery for Monday (12th) since Arlington does not have a delivery crew, Grand Prairie’s driver was on vacation, Richland Hill’s driver ‘Quit’, and DFW-Wheatland’s driver is off work on Sunday. So much for American Freight’s “SAME DAY DELIVERY” advertised sales pitch…
    On Monday (12th), the furniture arrived shortly after lunch. The delivery crew did not present (show) any paperwork/documentation or request a signature like the Ardmore, Oklahoma store did a couple of weeks earlier. Upon going through the items delivered we again disappointingly discovered that the queen mattress ‘Protector’ had NOT been delivered.
    I contacted ‘Israel’ at the Richland Hills store. He stated that he lived in Arlington and could bring it to us after 8 PM when he got off work. Since this would be late hours I asked if he could contact the nearby Arlington store (closest for me) which was a few miles away to see if they had a queen ‘Protector’ available. ‘Israel’ contacted and confirmed that Arlington had a ‘protector’ available for pick up. I then drove to the Arlington Store and picked up the Protector.
    In the spirit of ‘Performance Improvement’ and as a disgruntled and dissatisfied customer I am sending this summary for your review. You can be assured that myself or any family members/friends will NOT be doing any future business with American Freight. You are welcome to share this summary with anyone involved with this debacle. Also, feel free to contact me with any further questions.
    Pat & Kathi (and Josh) Weaver
    PO BOX 257
    Rocksprings, TX 78880
    Cell: 281-734-8058
    Email: [emailprotected]

    June 15, 2023

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