Ashley Furniture Return Policy Explained (2024)

Not happy with the furniture you bought from Ashley Furniture? Well, they have a return policy in place to help you either return or replace any damaged or faulty item. We’ll explain all the necessary steps that can help you return your in-store or online purchase easily. With our Ashley Furniture return policy guide, you will surely stand a better chance to get your money back. Let’s start with their standard return policy.

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What is Ashley Furniture Return Policy?

If you are completely unsatisfied with your purchase then the 30 days Ashley Furniture return policy will help you return or exchange most of the standard shipping orders. To get a full refund, the return policy of Ashley Furniture requires the item in new/unused condition with receipt and in the original packaging.

Ashley Furniture Return Policy Explained (1)

Ashley Furniture Return Policy
Return Period
30 days
Return Method
In-store & Online
Contact Number
Official Website
Ashley Furniture

Can I Return Damaged Products At Ashley Furniture?

Yes, if the shipment arrived damaged then you can contact them within 72 hours of the delivery and place a return request. Once Ashley Furniture receives the return parcel, they will process your refund along with the shipping and handling charges.

Are Returns Free At Ashley Furniture?

Returns are only free for damaged and defective products. For others, the handling charges, shipping fee and pick up charges are deducted while processing the refund.

How To Return At Ashley Furniture?

You can return the item either directly to a store or online. This will depend on how you bought the item. We will start with the online returns first followed by the in-store returns. Regardless of whether you are returning an in-store or online purchase, remember that all the basic Ashley Furniture return policy conditions that we mentioned earlier will apply to claim a full refund or exchange the item.

Returns On Online Purchases

When you purchase online, you must have chosen between standard shipping and home delivery. Let’s see how you can return both purchases.

Standard Shipping Items – If you chose standard shipping then the delivery was completed by a UPS, USPS, FedEx, or DHL. If you don’t like the item or it was damaged in shipping then you can immediately call their customer care within 72 hours of the delivery. You will be able to return it immediately and get a refund of the product cost excluding any shipping and handling fees.

After this, if you have any issue or fault with the item, contact them and they’ll help you with a repair or replacement. If you are completely unhappy then the standard 30 days Ashley Furniture return policy will help you to return the item for a full refund. In any case, if you are discovering a manufacturing defect after 30 days then you may refer to the manufacturer’s warranty for your item.

Home Delivered Items – After the home delivery of your online order, you have 72 hours to report any damage or if the product is not functioning as desired. You can also return if the product is fine but you are not happy with your purchase. Simply call the customer support number from your email order confirmation and their team will help you either repair, replace, or pick up the item for a return. If you find a defect after 72 hours of home delivery then the return will follow as per the manufacturer’s warranty.

Keep In Mind that to return an online purchase, you’ll have to pay the return fees. If only a part of your furniture is faulty then you can ask them for replacement of specific parts.

Returns On In-store Purchases

Ashley Furniture Return Policy Explained (2)

If you want to return your in-store purchase then check the terms and conditions received during the purchase. You may also find these on the back of your receipt. You’ll have to contact the store from where you made the purchase as each store is owned and operated independently and may have a different set of rules for returns and exchanges. You may find the store’s phone number on the back of your receipt or use the Ashley Furniture store locator to find the phone number.

Ashley Furniture Return Policy MattressAshley Furniture Return Policy Explained (3)

Ashley Furniture allows returns on mattresses and foundations only if you received them damaged or defective. If this is that case then you must call their customer service within 72 hours and let them know of the defect for further assistance. After 72 hours mattresses and foundations will follow to manufacturer’s warranty if there is any.

Non-returnable Items

You cannot return any purchase you made from the clearance section as clearance items are final sale items and can only be returned if delivered damaged.

Ashley Furniture Exchange Policy

Ashley Furniture Return Policy Explained (4)

If you are not happy with the purchase then you can also choose to exchange the item within 30 days. You can only get an exchange for the purchase price of your item. All the Ashley Furniture return policy requirements and exclusions will also apply on exchanges. Remember that if it was your mistake of buying the wrong product then you’ll have to pay the return shipping fees for the replacement. If the item was defective on delivery then you may get the replacement at no extra shipping cost.

Ashley Furniture Exchange Policy
Exchange Period
30 days
Exchange Method
In-store & Online

Ashley Furniture Refund Policy

The Ashley Furniture return policy restricts refunds on shipping and delivery costs except for defective items. You’ll get the refund to your original mode of payment at the time of purchase. Ashley Furniture will immediately issue your refund after the inspection of the returned item. It may take about 7-10 days for the amount to display in your credit card statement.

Ashley Furniture Return Policy
Refund Period
Within 7-10 Business Days
Refund Method
Original Mode of Payment

Ashley Furniture Response To Covid-19

Ashley furniture always ensures the safety of the team members, & customers. As everyone knows the covid-19 is spreading all over the world rapidly. So to prevent everyone should be careful, Ashley furniture provided sanitizer to all the customers and maintains the social distancing in the stores, they do a regular checkup of the associates to make sure they are healthy and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get refunds on shipping charges too?

No, shipping charges are not refundable.

2. Where can I call to clear my queries?

You can reach customer care at 866-436-3393.

3. Can I cancel my order?

Unless your order hasn't been shipped, you cannot cancel your order.

4. What if I got damaged product?

In case you received a damaged product, contact customer care within 72 hours.

5. In how many days can we return the product?

You must return the product within 30 days.

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Also To Keep In Mind

If your standard shipping furniture purchase is faulty, then you have 72 hours to immediately call customer service to get the refund. After this period, if you have any issues then contact Ashley Furniture customer care and They’ll help you resolve it by either repairing, replacing, or taking the item back for a refund. For returns on in-store purchases, you must contact the store where you made the purchase. We hope our information on Ashley Furniture return policy was helpful. The return policy of Home Goods will also help if you are looking to buy furniture and home essentials.

Ashley Furniture Return Policy Explained (2024)


Can you return items back to Ashley Furniture? ›

Not completely satisfied? We accept the return of Standard Shipping item(s) within 30 days of delivery. For Standard Deliveries where a manufacturing defect is discovered after the 30-day return period, consult the manufacturer's warranty, if any. Please note, return shipping fees apply.

How long do I have to return furniture to Ashley? ›

We recognize that sometimes an item may not meet your needs, was not what you had hoped for, or simply does not fit with your decor or space. If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your purchase, you can return or exchange it within 30 days of delivery. Returned items must be new and in unused condition.

Does Ashley Furniture charge a restocking fee? ›

If you wish to return your furniture for preference reasons within 3 days, the original delivery fee will not be refunded and a 15% restocking fee will be charged. Customers making a one-time reselection of equal or greater value will be charged a new delivery fee but will not be charged a restocking fee.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Ashley Furniture? ›

Plaintiff Katie Grasty filed the class action lawsuit against Ashley Furniture Industries, LLC Sept. 13 in a Florida federal court, alleging violations of state and federal consumer laws. Ashley Furniture markets, administers and sells extended furniture protection plans alongside its furniture, Grasty says.

How many days do I have to return furniture? ›

Stores that offer customers full refunds usually require items to be returned within 10 to 30 days.

Can you return a couch if it doesn't fit? ›

Many stores allow returns within a few days if the item is undamaged. Just remember, it may only accept the return if the couch is still wrapped and hasn't been tampered with (removing feet, for example). If you aren't allowed to return the couch, ask about an exchange for a different (smaller) couch.

Can I return Ashley Furniture if I don't like it? ›

Not completely satisfied? We accept the return of Standard Shipping item(s) within 30 days of delivery. For Standard Deliveries where a manufacturing defect is discovered after the 30-day return period, consult the manufacturer's warranty, if any. Please note, return shipping fees apply.

What is the return policy for sofas and stuff? ›

We offer a Fuss Free returns policy on all orders placed through the website where there has been no visits to a store, and then back it up with our 15 year guarantee on all our frames and springs because we believe in our furniture.

Can you return a sofa? ›

You are entitled to a refund, repair or replacement whether it is new or second-hand on faulty sofas. You only need to give a retailer one opportunity to remedy the same fault. The retailer is responsible for the collection of faulty goods.

Does returning items hurt your credit? ›

Yes, refunds can affect your credit score. A refund can lower your credit utilization — or the total amount of credit you've used compared to your overall credit limit. Credit utilization is something credit rating agencies look at closely when determining your credit score.

How do I avoid restocking fees? ›

The best way to avoid a restocking fee is to find out the policy before making a purchase. Check with the retailer or seller about the following points: How long you have to return your purchase without any financial penalties. Which items incur fees and under what circ*mstances.

How much is a typical restocking fee? ›

Don't make restocking fees too high.

Restocking fees often fall between 10% and 25% of the purchase price. Make sure that sales, partial refunds, returns and restocking fees are carefully tracked by software and would be wise to keep detailed records to ensure sales tax remittance and filing is accurate.

What is the Ashley HomeStore controversy? ›

Ashley Furniture Class Action Lawsuit Overview:

Who: Plaintiff Stephanie Aberl has filed a class action lawsuit against Ashley Furniture. Why: Ashley Furniture allegedly dupes customers with fake “original” sale prices to entice them to purchase items advertised at a purported discount price.

Can you ignore a class action lawsuit? ›

Once a person elects to opt-out, the class action will likely proceed without them, and they will no longer be able to claim a part of the settlement or award or otherwise be bound by the outcome of the case. Unfortunately, class members rarely see any type of real benefit from the cases in which they are part.

What creditor does Ashley Furniture use? ›

What credit card company does Ashley Furniture use? Ashley HomeStore uses Synchrony Bank as its card issuer. Synchrony Bank is known for issuing many store cards and its approval rate is generally high if you have a good or better (650+) credit score.

What is the cancellation policy for Ashley Furniture? ›

For No-Hassle Delivery + Assembly and Doorstep Delivery orders, you can cancel the order by calling Customer Care at 866-436-3393. If you cancel your order at least 48 hours before the scheduled delivery time, we will simply cancel your order.

What is Ashley Stewart return policy? ›

At Ashley Stewart, they have a 30-day returns policy which means you'll have up to 30 days after your original date of purchase to return your order. All orders must be returned unworn, in their original condition, with their tags intact and with your original receipt, to be eligible for a full refund.

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