ASHLEY HOMESTORE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE! How can this even be possible??? (2023)


ASHLEY HOMESTORE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE! How can this even be possible??? Customer service this bad during these time should NOT BE TOLLERATED! So......That's why I'm here now!!
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If you are from Ashley HomeStore and would like to talk, Let's do it!


Hey, guys, I'm joe, and I have had it with ashley home store.

And if you guys are watching this video, most likely you have too, uh, if you've had a terrible experience with them, and you want to share it with others, just to make sure that either this gets fixed or other people don't go there so that they don't have to endure the same thing that you.

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So youtube can find other folks to watch this video as well and let's get right into this.

You guys we're going to go to the ashley home store facebook page today.

And this is uh, we're going to we're going to start with harpy cower.

And I really do apologize if I butchered that name.

But this individual goes on to state.

Worst customer service.

I ever received in my life bought a cabinet from them, a thousand dollars.

And it came to be moist and molded mailed.

The same day I received my furniture and I'm, assuming that they're saying emailed the same day I received my furniture, but they said that I am lying.

They did not receive my email.

And hence cannot do let's see cannot do anything because 48 hours have passed.

I told them I have proof did send them the reply that I got from their customer service team after after the first mail I.e within 48 hours of receiving the furniture.

So this individual did follow the protocol still said cannot do anything because their furniture guy says, nothing is wrong with it and can be fixed.

So he came to my house still wasn't able to fix the stains and all and said, we'll, talk with other service team.

And let us know what can be done.

So it sounds to me like the service tech when they left indicated that something still needed to be done.

But no one contacted me even after that.

And when I called, they said, their guy said that it has been fixed and customer service has no issue, total lie in parentheses, and they did not do anything now.

And they go on to say, don't ever buy costly furniture from them, worst, worst, worst service ever.

And as you'll see, I've got my video, uh, my the first video that you'll see on this youtube channel is plastered all over their facebook page.

So go check that out, uh now, we're going to go over to teresa olvera.

This is also from the facebook page.

Hi there.

I reached out to you on sunday and she's talking to ashley home store here and was told somebody would get back to me in 48 hours.

Can I get a status, please? And it sounds to me like she didn't get the response that she was told she would get which is another another repetitive problem within their system, right? They say, they're going to contact you, and they do not uh, very very disheartening.

So, uh, I posted another video here, and they they're somehow blocking some of my videos, which is okay, because as you can see, I have found other avenues, uh, so eddie, eddie, guerrero comments to teresa.

Good luck.

I've been trying to get a hold of them for the past week.

I've spent over three hours on hold now I don't know about you, but my personal time is worth over 25 bucks an hour, uh you, you know, you can rate yours, however, you see fit.

But uh, this is ridiculous, uh teresa, says to eddie, I know I called corporate and talked to human resources about my issue.

And then immediately transferred to the regional manager melinda, uh, jumps in here and says to eddie.

We are still working on orders from august cannot get anybody to tell us the truth.

I think maybe it might be time for a class-action lawsuit against ashley.

And unfortunately, for ashley, if this did end up occurring, this would not be their first class action, lawsuit eddie goes on to state.

My order is from july.

Then ashley homestore comes in and says, hello.

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Would you mind sending us a private message here? It is again.


Take you off the comments and then we're going to message with you briefly.

And then really not get much done if anything at all right I'm, still sitting here, waiting for word on on on on what's going on with my order, um.

And the worst part about it for me is the disconnect between the retail level and the corporate level.

There is a huge disconnect here.

So they go on it's.

A very interesting thread I'm going to leave the link in the description below for this.

But I want to move on to some twitter information now, this from chris at chris, y, a hahaha, whatever I'm, not sure on twitter.

The link is in the description below, if you guys want to give him a follow, he had an unfortunate uh situation here with a couch, ashley home store.

This is what my thousand dollar couch.

I bought from you looks like two years later, uh.

And if you guys look closely, there are peeling and cracking there's, peeling and cracking all over.

I mean, this is just two years.

I've seen a 10 year leather couch, looked 10 times better than this right here, uh, very unfortunate for chris.

So I hope he had a positive resolution.

There, however, I doubt it now, uh, this from samrat bose on twitter at bose dgp at home at ashley at ashley home store, very terrible service by ashley richmond hill.

I have ordered on july 24th or on 24th.

July and delivery date is 21.

July august.

But when I called, they are saying it would be 2nd of october now I'm in big trouble and no no corporate from ashley customer, no cooperation, rather from ashley customer service and just another another unfortunate person that's, not getting the help that they need from ashley.

And right here, we have I'm, literally having the same issue.

And no one answers the phone and that's from that's so nikki and then ashley home store jumps in this is what really cracks me up guys, that's so nikki and they jump in with the same thing.

Thank you for reaching out to us.

I do apologize for the inconvenience.


Dm us information from your order purchase.

I did this for mine a month and a half two months ago at the time of recording.

Okay, it is the end of november.

November 30th, I did this a month ago and I'm still being run around in circles spending my personal time with which by the way is worth more than 25 dollars an hour, um, uh, very very, very upset, uh and and here's.

Another unfortunate person.

Okay, let's go to erased citizen.

Um, this is actually off of samrat bose's feed and erased citizen says, they literally canceled my order.

My husband went to, oh my god.

And this is I wonder if this is why they call themselves erased citizens, oh my goodness.

But anyway, they want to stay uh state.

They literally canceled my order.

My husband went to pick up our sectional and was told the store canceled.

Our order despite never speaking to me at all.

I've been waiting for a manager to call me back for three hours.

I have never been so mistreated by a company ever.

So you bet your ass they have their money.

You bet your ass they have erased citizens money for that sectional.

And then they went and canceled.

The order I'm still waiting for a refund on four bar, stools that's, part of my messed up order.

My order is a complete fiasco and I'll just take one video just to go over my order maybe that'll be my next video I'll just go over all the crap from my order so that you guys can relate right now.

I'm, you know, sharing everybody else's experience as well, but I'm still waiting for the refund from my bar stools over a month ago.

They told me, oh, you won't get those till january.

I said, well, cancel that order I want my money back for that.

Uh, I went and ordered bar stools off of amazon.

Odd as it sounds right? They came in very easy to put together.

I did it myself because I'm not a schmuck, and they actually look better than the ones that I was supposed to get from ashley's furniture.

So I'm, glad I actually went to amazon for furniture of all places, they're better than ashley.

Oh, my god, right.


So this is where we are right? Okay? So, um, just another another unfortunate incident for a poor consumer that you know, and one of the things that's really frustrating to me.

You guys just to take a little side note is they keep trying to blame this on covid, but if you go back, and if you do your research and I'm going to start featuring, um, these very issues that go far far before kovid.

Okay, in fact, in my last video, go.

Watch my last video, if you haven't watched it by the way, uh, the husband and wife couple in there.

Their order issues began like the beginning of last november.

Last november, when covid was in china, so unless ashley's furniture is getting their furniture from china.

There should have been no issues with the order from the folks in my last video, and they happen to be the exact same issues that were all still experiencing.

So stop blaming it on covid ashley home store.

I think it's pathetic now moving on this from trina gardner at ashley home store.

I ask again, what do I do to get some resolution? I have I have a broken table that is sitting in a box in my dining room in a yeah in a large box.

I can't do anything with it.

Poor business practice and customer service.

They answered my private message, but then nothing.

I mean, this is just like also in my last video, the young lady that was in her car, and she was recording her unfortunate incident.

They broke up.

Her order.

They sent it.

Watch watch my video there and then go and click, the link in her description, or in my description and click the link for her video and watch her video.

Her story is just like, oh, my god.

She ordered a sectional sofa.

They sent her part of the sectional and then delayed the other part, and then ran her around in circles and she's got half of a couch.

I've got one recliner that's part of a whole set.

They tried to bring the rest of my set in and it wasn't.

The it was not the matching color.

So, and now nobody knows where my stuff is at at all so we're, all like I said, we're, all in the same boat you guys, I guess just grab an ore and just start paddling with me.

And maybe we can get this boat upstream right? I don't know, so I'm gonna end my video with this is I'm, john joseph on youtube, and he has a pretty unfortunate experience here.

You guys.

This is seven minutes long I'm, actually gonna let you watch most of it what's going on everybody.

So I just wanna I just wanna we'll.

Just watch it together, furniture, don't, buy unbelievable they're garbage.

They have a one-year warranty, manufacturer's, warranty on it that covers any damages that is done or any defects in the furniture, which is fine.

Now I bought this furniture set it's upside down.

Because I just moved.

I bought this furniture set, uh about a year and three months ago.

So I'm, right over that one year warranty now prior to the one year, warranty being up, they were, they came out to my house three times to fix okay.


So I want to I want to go ahead and stop here before we uh, watch more of the video and just stress that you notice a lot of the stuff I'm featuring is kind of the stuff that I am experiencing myself the delays, the hang up calls, uh, the never being able to reach a supervisor or a manager, not being able to actually call the store.

I called it from when I drive to the store.

They tell me, uh, you have to deal with customer service.

And obviously, as you guys know, that's, a dead end, right, that's a brick wall at the end end of a dead-end road, right? So what I'm sharing with you guys here.

And the reason I wanted to stop and explain this is this is a completely different issue and we're going to start going over these issues as well as you can see, they are widespread just as widespread as the distribution and retail, promise issues that we're all experiencing fix three different parts on on the furniture.

So I moved.

And now I had to take the furniture apart.

And as I was taking it apart, all the parts that they fixed are back to being broken, they're, all damaged, again, they're splitting.

Their legs are falling off as you can see one of the chairs right here.

The legs literally fell off.

Can you see that the leg literally fell off? So I have a a three legged chair.

Now how that's pointless saying it, I think that's pretty useless.

So I want to go through some things here that I and that chair leg when he takes a closer look at it.

You guys look closely there's a couple of glue dab marks inside that hole.

And I can almost promise you that that chair leg is tapered to get a press fit what's called a press fit into that hole.

And they glued it.

Those legs are not even bolted or screwed together, that's, not quality furniture, ladies and gentlemen, I've noticed with the furniture that they will not, um, they will not honor the same things that they fix, but they will not honor.

I called the five-year protection, because I also got the five year protection plan on it.

I called them up, and they said, it might be because of use and wear and tear, or whatever the case may be, which is garbage because it's a dining room set it's, not a set that we use.

Uh, every single night.

If it was a kitchen set, I would totally understand.

But this is a dining room set.

You know, when you have people over christmas, you know, it's the holidays and things like that.

Now let me ask you guys, right here.

I'm, a pretty good judge a character myself.

Let me ask you guys are you getting the impression that this guy's lying about the amount of use his dining room table got I'm, not because he knows the difference between a kitchen set and a dining room set, and how one is used for holiday gatherings.

And how one is used on a daily basis.

And he has, he also has a china service, a little service, hutch, okay that he got from ashley's that he's also going to show you some poor quality on.

So I absolutely believe this guy when he says that there's, no excessive wear and tear on the table that you're about to see, then you might use it.

But this is for the most part just something to look at this thing.

Cost me, 3, 500 it wasn't cheap.

And I still owe money on it, because I make the payments because they gave me the and he's still making payments, uh, the six year, you know, they gave you a big.

They give you this whole, big wheel and deal thing.

Sixth year, no interest, fine whatever the case would be.

I said, cool, man, I might as well do it.

You know, so let's just break down some pieces here.

Let me see if I can flip this around and show you guys, um, what is actually going on? I don't even know how to flip it around all right? Let me see if I can just do it like this.

Now, as you can see, do you see that split right down the wood there, it goes right down.

The wood, that's split wide open that seam is completely wide.

Open split in the wood, and as you can see those look good inside of the table.

So this side of the table is good.

The side of the table is good.

This side of the table is split in half.

Now the legs go in here and I'm afraid to put the legs back in because it might split the table in half.

It might actually break it off so that's being one I showed you the three-legged chair.

Now look at this, the chair leg right here.

Guys, hang on.

Let me pause this right? There, that's glue, that's, dried glue.

Those legs are glued in there, uh, actually, I don't know.

Am I seeing am I seeing screws? Am I seeing screws right here? But why does that look like dried glue? Guys what's going on here? And you don't put a screw in the corner on a corner edge.

So I'm, not sure why that would the screws should actually come in I'm confused, I'm confused.

But that that to me, you guys looks like glue down here on the bottom, uh.

And I I I can almost almost guarantee you that's.

Why that leg just slipped right out of there? It came right out as you can see one two, three, four here is the fourth leg, and it is it literally fell out and cracked in half.

I have to hot glue it somehow to make make it, um thick.

Now here are the legs of the table.

Now, this is another piece they came out and fixed.

Here is the legs to the table.

Do you see the split in this? Do you see the split on that? I hope you can see this.

I want to pause that for you guys.

Look at this crack, completely split right here and you're gonna go around the other side, it's split in half split over here.

The whole thing is basically, uh, splitting, whatever, uh, without even a any pr right? But here's another piece without any pressure right there.

This table is splitting in several places.



Can you see that? I hope you see that all around the whole? Oh that's crazy.

Now, granted, they won't.

They won't issue any type of, um, oh, here's.

The other piece, they won't issue any type of compensation for it.

Basically I owe about twelve hundred dollars still left on this.

I paid 3500.

I believe and um, I still owe about 1200 on a broken set that they won't fix.

Neither will the five-year protection plan.

They won't fix it, because they think it it's wear and tear well, I know, it's not wear and tear because I don't use it.

Now look at the server here.

The whole thing is falling apart.

Are we noticing this? This is no good.

This is garbage furniture from ashley's.

The whole thing is falling apart.

You can't even open, you can't even open now.

Prior to this.

I had them come out and fix this server because the back of the server was broken.

It had splits coming back.

So this part of the server is still okay.

But now the front of it is falling apart.

Let's, see if this is still okay, oh it's splitting again.

Do you see the splits this whole thing is splitting again.

I hope you guys can see that because I need to make this very clear.

See this side is okay.

This side splitting unbelievable up on the top.

The whole thing is falling apart.

You see the bottom there again, this whole server, yeah, my son-in-law makes furniture just as a hobby.

And I should probably feature.

Some of the end tables.

He made us some end tables for our bedroom here.

And we I should probably feature those to show ashley furniture, how you really make quality furniture, it's falling apart.

Now for me to justify this with anybody, um, I called them up.

I said, listen, we need to do something about this this.

This ain't, right? This is not how the furniture is supposed to be.

It shouldn't be falling apart within uh, 14 months of owning it and still owing money on it.

Yeah, be careful of the financing with ashley's furniture, because with this guy's situation, he's most likely going to end up throwing it all away while he's still making payments on it, because as you'll see he's concerned about whether or not, he should even put it back together.

Someone needs to answer my question.

So I told him I might go to the better bureau.

Better business bureau.

I think that's that's the right thing to do right? I mean, if you're gonna sell garbage to people let people know that it's garbage here is the middle piece here is the middle piece.

It's all splitting.

Do you see the splits it's all splitting they're selling garbage exp? I don't know if it's all garbage.

But this one is definitely gone.

Yeah, that's splitting from the seams, both sides to some top and bottom end or split, especially when I'm still making payments on it and the more and more.

I look at this, the more and more I get aggravated.

So I don't even know if I should even put this thing together or throw it in the garbage.

I personally think I should throw it in the garbage.

Because if I put more furniture, if I put the legs on it, it'll probably start cracking more just because it's settling.

And if I put any dishes or or any of my china in the server, it might, um cause it to crack more.

So I just wanted to let you guys know, yeah.

So that is john joseph on youtube, that's, his unfortunate experience I'm sure it's similar to some of you folks out there that is my video for today.

If you found the content helpful, please consider subscribing for content, notifications don't, forget to click like so youtube finds other folks to watch this video.

And you guys have a great day, and I will see you in the next one because trust me there's gonna be more.


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Does Ashley Furniture have a return policy? ›

Not completely satisfied? We accept the return of Standard Shipping item(s) within 30 days of delivery. For Standard Deliveries where a manufacturing defect is discovered after the 30-day return period, consult the manufacturer's warranty, if any. Please note, return shipping fees apply.

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Is it hard to qualify for Ashley Furniture? ›

For the Ashley Furniture HomeStore Credit Card you need a credit score of at least 640 (fair credit). While having an adequate credit score is important, that alone won't guarantee your approval.

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Do Sales Reps Get Paid Well? A career in sales pays well, and ranks third on this list of highest-paying jobs without a degree. A sales representative's earnings are directly linked to their sales performance, which means that a sales career offers excellent earnings potential.

How much commission does Ashley Furniture get? ›

Pay is based on weekly delivered sales. The house keeps the first 10,500 you sell and then you get commission on what you sell after that starting at 4% and caps out at 8%.

What is America's number 1 furniture store? ›

The largest furniture company in the U.S. is Berkshire Hathaway with an annual revenue of $302.89 billion in 2022.

What is the difference between Ashley HomeStore and Ashley Furniture? ›

Ashley Home Stores Ltd.

(doing business as Ashley and still known as Ashley Furniture HomeStore in some countries) is an American furniture store chain that sells Ashley Furniture products. Opened in 1997, the chain comprises over 2000 locations worldwide.

Is 40% commission a lot? ›

The average in sales, though, is usually between 20-30%. What is a good commission rate for sales? Some companies offer as much as 40-50% commission. However, these are typically sales reps that require more technical skills and knowledge, plus have a compensation structure that relies more heavily on commission.

Is 7 percent commission good? ›

You will probably find that most agents will want to get a commission rate somewhere between 4 percent and 7 percent, depending on your particular area. While you may think that this is too much, keep in mind the following: The agent is not getting the entire amount.

What are the 3 types of commission? ›

  • COMMISSIONS. Straight | Graduated | Piecework | End of Page.
  • Straight Commission. Straight Commission is calculated to be the person's wage based solely on sales. ...
  • Graduated Commission. Graduated Commission is calculated into a person's pay in addition to his/her regular salary or wage. ...
  • Piecework Commission.

Who bought out Ashley Furniture? ›

The company is owned by father and son team Ron and Todd Wanek.

What to expect from a class action lawsuit? ›

In a class-action lawsuit, a group of people suffering similar injuries (either physical or financial) join together to file a claim against a common defendant. If they succeed in their class-action lawsuit or if a settlement is reached before going to court, any awards are divided among members of the group.

How much is the TCPA settlement check? ›

For non-emergency calls made using an automatic telephone dialing system and/or an artificial or prerecorded voice without the prior express consent of the called party, the TCPA provides for damages of $500 per violation, or up to $1,500 for willful violations, plus an injunction limiting future conduct.

What is the financial condition of Ashley Furniture? ›

Ashley HomeStore revenue is $4.7B annually. After extensive research and analysis, Zippia's data science team found the following key financial metrics. Ashley HomeStore has 35,000 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $134,285. Ashley HomeStore peak revenue was $4.7B in 2022.

Is Ashley Furniture Made in China? ›

Ashley Furniture is headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin. The brand manufactures furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms in the USA and distributes it globally. Besides Wisconsin, the brand also has manufacturing facilities in Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, China, and Vietnam.

Where is most Ashley Furniture made? ›

Ashley Furniture has large production facilities in Mississippi. In addition to their headquarters in Arcadia, Wisconsin, Ashley Furniture also has large production plants and facilities in Ecru, Mississippi.

What is the downside of joining a class action lawsuit? ›

One of the dangers of joining a class action lawsuit is that you lose the right to file an individual lawsuit if the class action case fails. In addition, you cannot reject a settlement offer to which the class representatives have agreed.

What is the most money awarded in a lawsuit? ›

1998 – The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement - $206 Billion. The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement was entered in November 1998 and is still the largest lawsuit settlement in history.

What happens if you don t cash a class action settlement check? ›

In other settlements, the unclaimed funds will be distributed to a charity, non-profit organization or university with the purpose of furthering the policy goals of the settlement.

How does check settlement work? ›

In most personal injury cases that involve a settlement check, the defendant's insurance company writes a check to your attorney. Your lawyer receives the check and then deducts the percentage of money agreed upon before sending you the balance in the form of another check.

Do settlement checks expire? ›

They can help you get the settlement agreement you deserve and advise you whether you should litigate your claim in court. The escrow (or client trust) account they store the cash funds in allows them to ensure the settlement money remains accessible and the check does not expire.

What creditor does Ashley Furniture use? ›

Ashley HomeStore uses Synchrony Bank as its card issuer. Synchrony Bank is known for issuing many store cards and its approval rate is generally high if you have a good or better (650+) credit score.

What is the mark up on sofas? ›

The markup on furniture is the difference between the retail price of a product and its wholesale cost. Typically, the average markup of furniture ranges from 20% to 50% based on the furniture's wholesale cost.

Who is Ashley Furniture competitor? ›

Ashley Furniture Industries's competitors

IKEA is a company that designs and sells furniture, appliances, and home accessories. Stobag is a company that provides sun protection systems. Lovelight is a company that designs custom window furnishings for residential and commercial spaces.

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