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After buying the crossbow of your choice, it is time to find the best arrows. Wicked Ridge XX75, TenPoint Pro Lite, and Carbon Express PileDriver are among the best arrows for crossbows.

Besides selecting the perfect crossbow for you to use, you are on to the next challenge of finding the best arrows for your crossbow. Some may find crossbow arrows less critical than other archery gear.

However, selecting the right arrows for your crossbow is the most vital decision-making you have to make.

The crossbow is a potent weapon and requires the right arrow to shoot to avoid dry fire and accidents. The wrong crossbow arrow will affect your shooting and safety. That’s why we come up with a list of the best arrows for crossbows below to help you out on your quest:


  • 1. Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows
  • 2. Wicked Ridge XX75 Crossbow Arrows
  • 3. TenPoint Pro Lite 20-Inch Carbon Crossbow Arrows
  • 4. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt
  • 5. Victory Archery X- Crossbow Moon Nock Bolt
  • 6. TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Crossbow Bolts
  • 7. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbow Bolt
  • 8. REEGOX Crossbow Bolts 16/18/20 inch Bio Crossbow Arrows
  • 9. TenPoint Lighted Pro Elite 400 – 20″ Carbon Crossbow Arrows
  • 10. RAVIN Crossbows R138 Carbon 400 Grain .003 Crossbow Arrow
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1. Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows

Barnett Outdoors is famous for pioneering the crossbow industry for over five decades. Aside from selling premium crossbows, Barnett Outdoors also sells crossbow arrows, and their Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows are worth checking out.

Compared to previous models, Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows’ carbon shaft is thicker, increasing its durability and penetration power.

If you use a 125-grain broadhead or field tip, your FOC weight will increase to achieve the recommended 10 to 15 percent range for bowhunting. At the same it, it also offers enough penetration for big game hunting.

Because of its design, you can only use it best for the following Barnett crossbow models: Quad AVI, Buck Commander, Quad 400, and Predator Revolution AVI.

You can use it for other crossbow models outside Barnett Outdoors but double-check with a professional before shooting. Moreover, it has a less durable spine than its counterparts.

Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows are easy to spot even in dim places thanks to the neon green fletchings that provide good spin. Another reason that makes it the best arrow for crossbows is its affordable price and gets the job done.

2. Wicked Ridge XX75 Crossbow Arrows

Although most archers prefer carbon arrows, there are still a few that are more comfortable using arrows made of aluminum. Read about Wicked Ridge XX75 Crossbow Arrows if you’re looking for the best aluminum crossbow arrows.

Easton Archery, another popular bow and archery gear manufacturer, produces Wicked Ridge XX75 Crossbow Arrows. The latter boasts impressive durability with a straightness degree of +/- .003 inches.

It can also last longer due to its heavy Easton aluminum construction. But, it results in sacrificed forgiveness, which means you will likely notice inconsistent shot patterns that hurt your shooting accuracy.

However, archers into ultra-heavy crossbow arrows will find the Wicked Ridge XX75 Crossbow Arrows since it is only available in 435 grains. As a result, archers that prefer lightweight crossbow arrows may have to skip Wicked Ridge XX75 Crossbow Arrows.

It includes Alpha-Brite lighted nocks, making it easy to find the crossbow arrow in the darkness, fog, or rain. Wicked Ridge XX75 Crossbow Arrows is heavier than others, yet it flies farther than TenPoint CenterPunch.

3. TenPoint Pro Lite 20-Inch Carbon Crossbow Arrows

Next on our list is the TenPoint Pro Lite 20-Inch Carbon Crossbow Arrows which measure 20 inches long with a 22/64-inch-diameter. It is one of the best arrows for crossbow archers looking for an arrow ideal for general use.

Since TenPoint hand sorted all arrows they manufactured before releasing them on the market, you can expect that TenPoint Pro Lite boasts consistency and accuracy.

TenPoint Pro Lite is an ultralight crossbow arrow balanced at 10.5% FOC, enough to reach the hunting threshold. It weighs 370 grains with 100-grain of broadhead or field-tip included. Meanwhile, its aluminum insert weighs only about 25 grains.

Considering its FOC, the carbon arrow shoots best at shorter distances and gets affected easily by frigid weather. Despite its downsides, it features TenPoint’s omni-nock technology that aids in avoiding dry fire.

Also, you will find TenPoint Pro Lite 20-Inch Carbon Crossbow Arrows remarkably consistent.

4. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Carbon Express never misses a beat when manufacturing bow arrows and always introduces highly-rated arrows like its Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt. It leans more on the heavier side since it weighs 442 grains with a 100-grain broadhead or field tip included.

One of the remarkable things that make Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt among the best arrows for crossbows is it is an absolute bone crusher thanks to its 14% FOC.

Furthermore, its 0.348 inches diameter and durable construction produce powerful penetration for an ethical kill. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt comes with 4 inches vanes to keep the arrow in the straight path and shoot at longer distances.

Due to its heavier weight, it is unsuitable for lower-power crossbows since it may result in a sooner downrange flight. It also has flimsy fletching that requires frequent replacement after numerous shots.

Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt is best for experienced archers. It has a consistent and accurate flight path despite its high price. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt is also compatible with most crossbow models.

5. Victory Archery X- Crossbow Moon Nock Bolt

Another 20-inch lightweight crossbow arrow on our list is the Victory Archery X- Crossbow Moon Nock Bolt. Unlike its competitors, which only have one-size length, Victory Archery X- Crossbow Moon Nock Bolt is available in 20, 22, and 24 inches.

Thanks to its ice nano ceramic coating, Victory Archery X- Crossbow Moon Nock Bolt’s friction is lower as it hits the target. Sadly, its low weight makes it vulnerable to wind drift making its flight trajectory untrue and penetrating less than others.

It also has a plastic half-moon nock, which is not the sturdiest option.

Victory Archery X- Crossbow Moon Nock Bolt can still generate enough kinetic energy to kill large game animals like deer and moose. It boasts a digitally aligned spine to increase accuracy and consistency dramatically. If you pair it with a heavy broadhead, it can reach far targets.

6. TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Crossbow Bolts

If TenPoint Pro Lite differs from your taste, TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Crossbow Bolts is another excellent option. It has a unique design with modulus carbon fiber construction.

However, TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Crossbow Bolt is expensive, and you must refrain from using Alpha-Nock HP to avoid voiding your warranty and consider using the Omni-nocks instead. If you don’t mind voiding your warranty, using Alpha-Nock HP positively affects accuracy and bowstring life.

TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Carbon Crossbow Bolt has an exceptional strength of 33 million pounds/sq-inch. Its Lazer-Tech carbon weave makes it a stiff crossbow arrow.

Nevertheless, there are various reasons it made it to our list of the best arrows for crossbows aside from its massive popularity among archers.

Its heavy 445 grains weight helps maximize penetration and range, giving out the best punch to kill the target ethically. TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch have 3.5 inches Bohning X Vanes. It caters mainly to experienced crossbow hunters than beginners.

7. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbow Bolt

Unlike the standard crossbow arrow size of 20 inches, Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbow Bolt is available in 22 inches. The crossbow arrow has a diameter of 0.340 inches, 3-inch vanes, and weighs 403 grains. When paired with a 125-grain field tip and broadhead, it will reach 15% FOC weight.

Its diamond weave and double spine design enable it to fly accurately and consistently. Also, it spins faster to reach longer distances. You may find this crossbow arrow pricey despite its features.

Changing the nocks can be challenging due to the unusual diameter measurement. Its vanes can come off after multiple uses. Nonetheless, Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbow Bolt is one of the best arrows for crossbow hunters with its camo finish that helps you stand out less as you aim for the target.

8. REEGOX Crossbow Bolts 16/18/20 inch Bio Crossbow Arrows

Of course, our list will only be complete by introducing the best arrows for youth crossbow archers: REEGOX Crossbow Bolts 16/18/20 inch Bio Crossbow Arrows. It is the perfect selection for beginners and youth crossbow archers with extreme durability and reusability.

REEGOX Crossbow Bolts fly accurately and come in various colors and sizes. For instance, you can buy this crossbow arrow in 16, 18, or 20 inches. It also offers an after-sales guarantee and has a lower price than most crossbow arrows.

Somehow, the crossbow arrow is unsuitable for expert hunters and is best for newbies and youth archers hunting smaller to medium game animals. You can also use REEGOX Crossbow Bolts for target shooting or field practice.

REEGOX Crossbow Bolts weigh 368 grains with 125 grains of field point included. It has a straightness tolerance of +/- .006 inches and four inches vanes. But you must be aware that bending at high speeds is possible.

9. TenPoint Lighted Pro Elite 400 – 20″ Carbon Crossbow Arrows

Another crossbow from TenPoint that got included in our list is the TenPoint Lighted Pro Elite 400 – 20″ Carbon Crossbow Arrows. This crossbow arrow is a fantastic choice for whitetail deer crossbow hunters and other mid-size game targets.

On the other hand, its penetration is insufficient for hunting elk, moose, or bear.

Like Wicked Ridge XX75, you can pair Lighted Pro Elite with the Alpha-Brite lighted nock, but double-check if doing so voids your warranty. On the brighter side, using Alpha-Brite lighted nock is handy when hunting whitetail deer since they are most active at dusk and dawn.

Another downside of TenPoint Lighted Pro Elite is its inferior craftsmanship to the EVO-X CenterPunch. Nevertheless, it is still a high-quality crossbow arrow that produces consistent shots and can handle high-speed crossbows.

10. RAVIN Crossbows R138 Carbon 400 Grain .003 Crossbow Arrow

Besides TenPoint, Barnett, and Carbon Express, Ravin Crossbows is a famous brand selling effective arrows. Its RAVIN Crossbows R138 Carbon 400 Grain .003 Crossbow Arrow boasts rigid carbon material composition that flies straight, is flexible, and penetrates deep.

You can use it for long-range shots despite its heavy weight of 400 grains. RAVIN Crossbows R138 Carbon 400 Grain .003 Crossbow Arrow is also remarkably quiet and fast, perfect for small to medium-sized game hunting.

On the contrary, it has three offset vanes that are challenging to nock yet deliver good spin even at high speeds. It has a straightness tolerance of +/-.003 inches and is available in 20-inch lengths.

You may have to clarify with the brand if you can use RAVIN Crossbows R138 with crossbows aside from those manufactured by them.

Crossbow arrows vary from one another despite sharing some similarities. Some can handle high-speed crossbows, whereas some only come in one size.

Whatever the differences are, it is part of your responsibility to identify the best arrows for your crossbow that will aid you in producing consistent and accurate shots.

The list above gives you a great start on your journey. Soon enough, you’ll be shooting confidently after all the trials and errors you went through to find the best crossbow arrows for you to use.

Buying Guide for the Best Arrows for Crossbow

Since the crossbow is more potent than other bow types, it only makes sense that its arrows have a separate buying guide which you can refer to below:


Look for a crossbow arrow that you can custom-design on your own. A customizable crossbow arrow allows you to add or subtract tips, vanes, and nocks.


Around 300 grains are the lightest arrows for crossbows, while about 500 are the heaviest. Choose lighter arrows if you want speed; otherwise, buy heavier arrows for deeper penetration.
Heavy arrows are best for extremely powerful crossbows.


Whenever you purchase a crossbow, the brand typically informs you of the arrow length for your crossbow. You can go for a longer arrow, but using one shorter than recommended would be unwise since it may result in dry fire.

Nonetheless, the best length for a crossbow arrow is 20 inches long.

Game type

Use heavy crossbow arrows if you enter large game hunting to help you ethically kill large target animals such as elk, moose, and bear. Meanwhile, you can use lighter crossbow arrows for medium-sized games to kill animals like coyotes and whitetail deer.

Shaft diameter

Crossbow arrow shaft diameters can vary significantly from each other, considering that few manufacturers have specific diameters they use on their arrows. As a result, some may only be compatible with a few shafts.

Hence, you have to double-check the specifications of your crossbow for better judgment. Remember that the shaft diameter should always be thinner than the arrow’s broadhead ferrule.

Arrow material

Like the compound bow arrows, carbon and aluminum are the material choices for arrows. Nevertheless, carbon arrows will always be the best choice against aluminum regarding resilience, weight, and stiffness.

An aluminum arrow may bend over time, especially when it hits a hard target despite its lower price.

Tip type

A bullet point tip arrow is your best bet if you want to use your crossbow for target shooting. It hits the target without causing unnecessary damage.

Contradictorily, broadhead tips are suitable for crossbows used for hunting since they are sharp, broad, and created to pierce the target, resulting in damage intended to kill it. You can also use arrows with blunt point tips for small game hunting.

Consider buying arrows with field point tips for target archery and hunting.


Crossbow nocks have two types: flat and half-moon. The latter has a distinguishable slit where the string can enter into. Meanwhile, flat nock has a wide surface area and is the safest option.

Furthermore, lighted nocks are easier to find and help you see the arrow’s flight path during low light conditions.


Is heavier crossbow bolts more accurate?

Heavier crossbow bolts are more accurate when shot at longer distances. Although it compromises speed, heavy crossbow bolts penetrate deeper and fire quieter than lighter ones.

What is the best length bolt for a crossbow?

Twenty inches is the best length bolt for a crossbow. However, Crossbow bolts between 16 to 22 inches are ideal if you feel 20 inches is too long or short for your crossbow.

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Best Arrows for the Crossbow - Archery Heaven (2024)


What is the best arrow to shoot in a crossbow? ›

If you shoot a lighter arrow, like the TenPoint Pro Lite, the speed will be faster than shooting a heavier one, like the EVO-X CenterPunch Premium Carbon arrow. If you are shooting your crossbow in competition, a lightweight arrow is ideal, since accuracy is the focus of competitive shooting and not arrow penetration.

Is a heavier bolt better for a crossbow? ›

If you are using your crossbow for hunting purposes, you should consider shooting a standard weight or heavyweight arrow. Despite the fact that they will shoot slower, they carry a greater amount of kinetic energy, or penetration power, as compared to a lightweight arrow.

What is the best crossbow bolt for a big game? ›

Best Heavyweight Carbon Express PileDriver

I've been mostly talking about standard-weight bolts, but when you're going after a bigger game, you'd need something that can penetrate deep and crush bone. That's where the Carbon Express PileDriver comes in, standing out as the best heavyweight crossbow bolt on my list.

Should I shoot 340 or 400 arrows? ›

New, raw arrows measure around 33 inches when shipped by the manufacturer. As you cut those arrows to fit your draw length, you make them stiffer. That's why Gold Tip recommends the 400 spine for a 27-inch arrow shot at 60 pounds, as compared to the 340 at 30 inches.

What should you zero a crossbow at? ›

The reason that you re-zero the scope at either 30- or 40-yards is to reduce any margin of error that may occur if you are using the other lines/dots in the scope to take a shot and your crossbow is not shooting close to the fixed, pre-calibrated speed.

What makes Ravin crossbows so good? ›

The VeriCoil Cam System is positioned beneath the limb tips and snug against the stock. The small cams rotate 720 degrees through the draw cycle, coiling the bowstring and cables around the cam and the axle. This is how Ravin was able to design a crossbow that measures a shockingly small 4.75” overall width.

How do I know what size arrows to get for my crossbow? ›

Your owner's manual stipulates the minimum arrow size, weight, and length that can be shot from your crossbow. Never shoot an arrow that is lighter in grain weight, spined lighter, or shorter than the manufacturer's recommendations.

What is the fastest shooting Ravin crossbow? ›

The R500E fires arrows at 500 FPS with extreme accuracy on every shot.
  • Nothing comes close to Ravin. Rifle-like accuracy built into every product, every shot, every time.
  • There is no status quo when you forge the path, there is only innovation. ...
  • The highest-performance crossbows in the world. ...
  • Our customers come first.

What is the weakness of a crossbow? ›

While all the complex parts and pieces give the crossbow quite a bit of power and make aiming more accurate, it also makes it significantly heavier than a traditional bow. The increased weight also tends to make crossbows much louder, and in a sport where stealth is your friend this is a big disadvantage.

What is the best grain for a crossbow? ›

Standard Weight Arrows (400-459 Grains)

If the main purpose for your crossbow is hunting, then standard weight arrows will be great for you.

How many pounds is a good crossbow? ›

The average draw weight of a good crossbow is between 75 and 125 pounds. However, some are bidding up to pounds. While the more you draw the better, it's important to note that some states do not allow bows heavier than 175 pounds to be drawn. Other states like Ohio allow bows with tow weights up to 200 pounds.

What is the best broadhead for a crossbow? ›

The NAP Spitfire Double Cross for crossbows is their staple broadhead for crossbows. This is for good reason; these are a four-blade broadhead with the blades open opposite of each other forming a cross. This makes for massive wound channels from the two-inch cutting diameter with the rear bleeder blades.

How many shots is a crossbow string good for? ›

A: Again there is not set number of shots a crossbow string will last due to many variables. I have seen some cheap strings only last 50 shots and seen other custom strings last over 1000 shots. The important thing is to check your crossbow string regularly and replace if you start to see wear.

What happens if the diameter of a crossbow arrow is too large? ›

Arrows with a diameter smaller than the grooved track in the barrel of the crossbow will sit too low in the barrel's flight groove. Conversely, arrows with too large a diameter will sit too high and create misalignment between the nock and bowstring. Such a misalignment can cause a dry-fire or erratic arrow flight.

What type of arrow is best to shoot with? ›

The eternal debate over which arrow is better - light and fast or heavy and slow - will never end, but it's really very simple physics. Heavy arrows penetrate better. The first reason why it's important to choose the best hunting arrow is because once an arrow leaves the string it ceases to be propelled.

What's better, aluminum or carbon arrows? ›

Weight is the primary reason hunters switch to carbon arrows, but improved penetration thanks to a smaller diameter shaft and durability also helps the decision. Carbon doesn't bend like aluminum, so straightness issues are not a problem. The higher velocity of carbon arrows helps overcome errors in range estimation.

What is a good distance to shoot a crossbow? ›

When the consumer receives their product, within minutes they can be driving tacks down range, shooting effectively. As with most vertical bow hunters, effective range for a crossbow is about 40 yards.

Can you shoot any arrow with a crossbow? ›

Crossbow arrows are shorter than regular arrows and are usually 18" to 22" long. Do not use a regular arrow with a crossbow. Regular arrows are not interchangeable with crossbow arrows. Check your state or provincial regulations regarding length or other requirements for your crossbow arrows.

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