Cauliflower, Cashew, Pea and Coconut Curry Recipe (2024)



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Does "green chile" refer to a specific pepper?


Took an idea from the Spiced Chickpea Stew recipe and added a drained can of chickpeas and 1/2 tsp of turmeric after adding the spices in Step 3 but before adding the tomato paste. Cooked for about ten minutes and then continued this recipe. I used 2 cans of light coconut milk and the dish was thickened by the breakdown of some of the chickpeas. This added some more protein. Delicious with basmati rice.


Our whole family loved it. For weeknight ease, do Step 1 in a mini food processor - make double to freeze for future Indian dishes. Toast the cashews in the oven in a single layer for 10 mins @ 350 for less fat & more flavor. I subbed ghee for all of the canola oil for more depth of flavor. And I marinated 1 c. of cubed tofu in 1 tbsp of ghee 1 tbsp turmeric 1 tsp of salt, sautéed til golden & slightly crispy & added last - I have a family of protein fanatics & it was a delicious addition.


Rather than plain milk which will not have the same richness or texture , try evaporated milk .Whether low fat or full, the texture is excellent for sauces and I have been subbing it for years in butter chicken , pasta sauces and anywhere cream or coconut milk may be suggested.


Made this tonight, the only change being to omit cumin (for some reason, I can longer tolerate it) and used cardamom instead. I doubled/tripled the amount of spices, due to some people's comments that they found it bland and knowing I prefer heavily-spiced food. The result: the most delicious curry I've ever had! I made no other changes, served over a bed of basmati rice, used the cashews, a nice squeeze of lemon, and chopped cilantro. Absolutely fantastic!


At 47 grams of fat per serving (22 grams saturated), this was delicious, but a little too scary-rich for me. I cooked the onions in 2 tablespoons of oil, not 3, and roasted the cashews in the oven, thereby cutting out half of the oil. I also doubled the peas, and that seemed like the perfect amount. Next time, I will try reduced-fat coconut milk and see if that works. It probably won’t taste quite as good, but it will certainly be more healthful.

James B

Green chili usually refers to a fresh hot green chili. Serrano or Thai bird’s eye are good subs easily found. The chili powder called for is typically ground hot red chili. Cayenne is an easily found sub. You can also find Indian red chili powder at an Indian grocery store or online. There are several types.


I followed this wonderful recipe exactly and achieved a wonderful though slightly bland for me meal. It lasted me for three days and I gave a quarter of it away. However, I cannot conceive how this could be made in 45 minutes. It took me 30 minutes to clean the garlic, mash the coriander and cumin seeds, and prepare the paste. The 13.5 oz can of light coconut milk provided plenty of liquid and the times for cooking the cauliflower do not reduce the liquid much. I will probably spice more next.


I agree with Kalahun - this is not a 45-minute recipe unless you’re a speed chopper and fast with a mortar and pestle. It took me 1 hour & 20 minutes from start to finish, but well worth it. I followed another cook’s advice and upped the spices (2 tsp each coriander and cumin, 1 tsp chili powder), and it was not too spicy. Used full-fat coconut milk (current and reliable research tells us not to worry about fat!). It was really yummy. My 14-year-old son asked for seconds! Served with wild rice.


Easy to make and really delicious. I made it exactly like the recipe—no shortcuts, no substitutions.


Roasted the cauli and added some squash with olive oil, salt, cumin and chili flakes for 40 minutes before adding to the mix. Added lemongrass to the paste (out of ginger). Doubled the spices. Melted coconut oil and added some tamarind paste then smeared the cashews in that and roasted them in the oven for 25 min. Added fresh lime over everything and served with giant couscous. Incredibly filling and tasty. My husband gave it 10/10! A yummy treat on a cold day in London.


I smiled when I saw all the changes in your adaptation. But really, a good basic recipe is infinitely adaptable. Yours sounds delicious, too.


Made this with what was available in the pantry and freezer, substituting frozen stir-fry vegetables for the cauliflower, no chili or cashews, but used full fat coconut milk, all the spices, ginger, garlic, onion, and a frozen tbsp of tomato paste, all cooked in avo oil. Served it over cauliflower "rice" (also in the freezer). It was delicious. Had leftover poached chicken breast available for those who wanted a bit more protein. Will be in regular rotation at our house

Susan A

Added some raisins. Sweetness was a nice counterpoint.


I found this a little bland. I would increase the spices and the salt. The hit of lemon juice at the end helps. Also, I did the minimum cooking times (10 min. + less than 5) for the cauliflower and it was on the verge of mushy.

DL Ayers

I made this tonight and followed advice to add more spices and tumeric tofu at the end. For fun, I used purple cauliflower and with yellow tofu and green peas, it was quite a lovely spring looking dish. Delicious - will make again.

Katie O

It was good, but a little bland. When I make it again I'll try roasting the cauliflower with some curry powder first and stirring it in at the end for more flavor


Doubled the spices as folks suggested. Still found it meh. (I used a food processor instead of mortar & pestle - maybe that was the issue?) For my time in the kitchen, I think there are better curries out there.


Alas, I only had one giant red onion and ran out of fresh ginger yesterday since I’m under the weather. Subbed some powdered ginger, and the one Serrano chili gave plenty of heat. Added a bit of leftover chicken and baked tofu to up the protein, and roasted the cauliflower as some others suggested. Very tasty (bf approved!) and easy to follow steps. I did accidentally let the curry cook down too much and had to add a splash of water, but I think it may have deepened the flavor even more.


Oven roasted the cashews as it preheated for roasting the cauliflower (200C for 20 minutes). I doubled the coconut milk and doubled the spices, minus the chile pepper since I used cayenne and ended up with a delicious end product that had a substantial kick. I added a tin of chickpeas as others recommended and it was a very nice addition.I would add that the lemon juice at the end is absolutely necessary to brighten and highlight the flavours.


This was delicious. Will make again and again and again.


Would be more flavourful if I fried the cauliflower beforehand


to the chopped ginger mixture I added chopped cilantro stems. I also added 1/2 tsp whole coriander and 1/8 tsp cardamom seeds. Also some chopped kale, 1/2 can chickpeas with liquid, and spinach. Pretty versatile. Oh, and some halved grape tomatoes.


Fabulous and flexible. My cauliflower was small, so I added some squash. Used half a can of coconut cream and water, and chile paste instead of fresh. Pan roasted the cashews. Delicious!


what, exactly, is a green chile?


This recipe is super good! I made a few changes: doubled all spices, added 1 t hot curry powder, used 2 cans of coconut milk, added some lightly fried paneer right at the end. The first time I made this I felt like adding the cashews early made them mushy and I missed that cashew crunch and flavor, so I sprinkled them on top of the curry after serving. Made it much better.

Kinda thin

Felt more like a soup running low on broth than a curry. Will try adding some cashew butter to thicken and more liquid next time...

Bertram from Germany

Brilliant, easy to make, fail-safe. Added some guinea fowl. As for seasoning, I put in some vadouvan and jaggery at the end. A marvel!

Emily T

Peanut work well in place of cashews. If not for spiciness, flavor is pretty simple. Could try jazzing it up?


I was surprised this was delicious to be honest. I took the comments in hand though and made the spices all 2 tsp. Toasted the cashews and only used 2 tbs of oil. I forgot to buy 2 onions so I used 1 onion and a shallot. Worked out so well!

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Cauliflower, Cashew, Pea and Coconut Curry Recipe (2024)
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