Is IKEA Cabinet - Granite Counter a Compatible Choice? (2023)

Our Granite Countertops are among the best natural stone selections available for your kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, backsplashes, and other interior surfaces. Granite is well-known and adored for being beautiful, strong, and simple to maintain. Since the stone's price dropped due to an increase in supply around the world in the early 1990s, granite countertops have experienced a considerable rise in demand. You may learn from this guide how much load your granite countertops can bear, whether the IKEA cabinet granite counter is compatible, and what kind of foundation is needed for such a heavy countertop.

Is Granite Heavy?

The density and thickness of a granite slab will determine how much it weighs. The majority of granite slabs have a thickness of 20 or 30 mm. A typical granite slab that is 20mm thick weighs around 12 pounds per square foot, while a slab that is 30mm thick weighs about 18 pounds per square foot. In addition, because the dark granites are denser than the light ones, they are typically heavier.

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How Heavy is a Granite Countertop?

The weight of an average-sized granite slab for your kitchen might range from 700 to 1200 pounds. Your granite countertops can be made to fit whatever size space you require, but the bigger they are, the heavier they will be.Generally, 20mm and 30mm slabs are used for our kitchen countertop. A 20mm granite is about ¾ inch and a 30mm granite is about 1 ¼ inch. Though thicker slabs are extremely uncommon and more expensive, they are possible. But, the thicker the slab, the heavier the weight.

So according to the average thickness-weight standard, your 20 mm granite countertop weighs roughly 12 lbs per square foot, and the 30 mm granite countertop weighs about 18 lbs per square foot.


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Copenhagen Gold Granite has a beige background with hues of brown and gold veins running across the surface of the granite. It is one of the best choices for countertops. It is recommended for interior and exterior projects. It is… read more


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Belize Granite features a pastel green background above which shades of grey and occasionally white appear like swish of paint in a big wavy pattern. The green and grey of the granite are mixed in such a way that they… read more


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Andromeda Granite is a stunning natural stone which has an appealing combination of black, beige, brown, and golden specks on a background of dazzling white. One of this granite's most intriguing qualities is its capacity to provide a tranquil and… read more

Can You Fit Granite Blue Pearl Granite Counter On Your Own?

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NOT AT ALL. Blue Pearl Granite is so heavy that individuals should never try to install granite worktops alone. Hiring our skilled kitchen fabricator will eliminate any danger of damage or incorrect installation on the homeowner's part. The only reason does not deliver Blue Pearl Granite stone slabs or any other stone slabs directly to homeowners is because of the enormous weight of granite slabs, which puts your lives in danger because you do not have the proper equipment to handle them.


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A natural stone called Tourmaline Granite has a background colour that is somewhat beige and features characteristics and tints of grey and olive green. It is a rare variety of granite that is mined in Brazil. This stone is particularly… read more


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Zim black is characterized by small shining sparks of quartz in its composition. The inalterable colours last over time. The Zim black is also known by the name Zimbabwe marble. Zim Black granites usually go through different texture defining processes… read more


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Silver Pearl Granite has a soft black backdrop with grey deformed pearls. Because of its metallic chronic intensity, this granite is also called Steel Grey granite. It is a model option for incorporating an urban and international appeal into living… read more

Sitting or Standing on Granite Countertop ft Blue Pearl Granite

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If you're wondering how much weight your Blue Pearl Granite countertops can support, you must be considering standing or sitting on them and wondering if they can handle the weight. Any granite is, as was previously mentioned, typically at least 20mm thick. The Blue Pearl Granite countertops can support up to 1000 pounds if the pressure is dispersed evenly across a big area.

Given that a typical 6-foot-tall British grown adult weighs 90 kg (198.4 pounds), the granite countertop would not be affected by their weight. However, when a person stands on the countertops to reach the top shelf or adjust the lights, it is possible that our weight won't be spread uniformly, thereby increasing the probability that the countertops will sustain damage, particularly if they have a problem area or small fissures. Because of this, granite professionals strongly advise against sitting or standing on them, despite the fact that granite is durable and can support a lot of weight. We advise you to put thick plywood on the counters on which you'll stand or sit if you must stand or sit on them due to urgent requirements. The plywood will aid in weight distribution over a wide region, reducing the chance that your weight will cause the countertops to sink in.


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Titanium gold granite has a striking dark background with swirls of white and quartz crystals among the randomly distributed fine grains silver and gold sparkles of mica. Titanium golden granite, Titanium giallo granite are the other names given to titanium… read more


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Sapphire Brown granite is a brown-red, coarse-grained cordialite from the Precambrian period that contains large brown-red feldspar phenocrysts and blue-gray quartz. The background is blue and brown and the granite is sapphire brown. It is equigranular in texture, leucocratic in… read more


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Colonial Beige Granite are of a creamy base with flecks of gold brown, rust and grey. A warm neutral stone, it blends easily with other colours. A popular choice of any style kitchen and bathroom. It comes at level 2… read more

IKEA Cabinet and Granite / Ikea Cabinet Granite Counter Compatibility

Now that we have discussed how heavy granite slabs are and how much weight they can take, it is also clear that these massive granite slabs need a very firm foundation to handle them well. (I know they come with a lot of emotional baggage, right?)

The fact that IKEA cabinets are not made of solid wood is of little importance when checking IKEA cabinet granite counter compatibility. The proportion between both strength and design is the essential factor to take into account. It's a fantastic option if it is robust enough and complements your design. IKEA cabinets are constructed from Medium Density Fiberboard that has been covered in a tough plastic covering known as melamine. MDF is utilised in a wide range of cabinetry that is accessible from innumerable suppliers, and the melamine protects against dampness. Even most cabinet manufacturers provide the choice of MDF box construction. Although the adjustable IKEA cabinet legs are plastic, the rest are made of metal. The legs of the cabinets are designed to keep them level and stable, although a significant proportion of the weight rests on metal mounting bars attached to the wall.

You can speak with the IKEA team if you have any concerns regarding IKEA cabinet granite counter fitting, however we have installed our Blue Pearl Granite worktops on top of IKEA cabinets quite a couple of times by this point and they have worked successfully.


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The Indian Juprana granite is pink yellow natural stone granite. The granite slab originates from Tamil Nadu in India. Mauve Juparana, Juparana Colombo, Juparana India Granite, Juparana Colombo granite are the other names given to Indian Juparana granite. As a… read more


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Origin: Italy Ambra Blue Granite is a natural stone composed mainly of quartz, feldspar, and mica, and its appearance can vary greatly depending on the mineral composition. Appearance: Ambra Blue Granite is admired for their vibrant and distinctive blue hues,… read more


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Himalayan Blue Granite is a granite stone from India's southernmost region. This stone has a gorgeous texture with blue swirls and streaks on a light blue backdrop. These waves add movement and depth to the granite, improving its visual appeal.… read more

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IKEA Cabinet with Granite Countertop?

IKEA claims that its kitchen cabinets should support about 800 pounds when correctly installed. Generally speaking, granite or stone countertops weigh about 12 pounds per square foot, as was discussed previously. Additionally, because the granite countertops are horizontally positioned, the weight is dispersed equally throughout the cabinet, preventing pressure from building up on any one particular area. Also, your IKEA cabinet's weight capacity is restricted by its plastic legs, not by the design of the cabinet itself. So IKEA cabinet granite counter installation or IKEA kitchen cabinets underneath granite worktops is completely safe, smart, and a good option if you're on a tight budget. You may save money on your kitchen renovation while still getting a polished, beautiful aesthetic that will endure for years. Do not let the sceptics scare you. Granite countertops and IKEA cabinetry go together beautifully. Our granite or stone countertops may be installed securely on IKEA cabinets. There is always the option of adding extra structural support to your cabinetry if you are very sceptical and worried about the IKEA cabinet granite counter idea and still not convinced.


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The Sea Pearl granite is a one-of-a-kind natural stone. Like such a lullaby, this granite sings magnificence. This granite will look stunning as a kitchen counter, fireplace surround, bathroom vanity top, or outdoor countertop because of its contrasting grain patterns… read more


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Steel Grey Alligator is a mid -tone grey slab with tiny speckles of dark and light grey dispersed over the surface. The colour of the granite is consistent owing to minimal variation of pattern. It is favorably complemented when paired… read more


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Cats Eye Brown Granite gives you the vivid red background and dark dots onit the nickname "Cat-Eye." This granite's deep colour was inspired by the earth's deepest levels in terms of colour intensity. Stain-proof, easy-to-maintain, and unbreakable are the qualities… read more

We install granite kitchen worktops, so, send your inquiry here for your IKEA cabinet granite counter project and get a free quote.

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