KNOXHULT Base cabinet with doors and drawer, white, Countertop length: 72 3/8" - IKEA (2023)

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Only to be used with freestanding cooker, glass ceramic cooktop or gas cooktop.

Adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces.

The frame and fronts are coated with melamine, which gives a scratch-resistant surface that is easy to keep clean.

Moisture-, heat- and scratch-resistant laminate countertop; easy to clean.

You can easily mount the door front in the right position, because the hinges are adjustable in height, depth and width.

The door can be mounted to open to the left or right.

Smooth-running drawers with stop.


IKEA of Sweden

  • Included: Cabinet, doors, drawers, worktop, legs, plinth, shelves, hinges and fittings.

    Knobs and handles sold separately.

    Appliances, sink, tap and water trap sold separately.

    Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.

    Be aware that tools and preparation are required to cut the countertop to size and to cut holes for sink and faucet to secure a perfect fit.

    To keep the laminate countertops as new, do not use knives directly on the surface; always use a chopping board. Avoid pulling objects with rough edges over the surface as it may cause scratches.

    May be completed with drawer mats and shelf protectors to prevent scratches on surfaces caused by heavy pots and pans.

  • Material

    Kichen cabinet/ Door/ Drawer front:
    Particleboard, Melamine foil, Plastic edging
    Drawer side:
    Particleboard, Plastic foil
    Drawer bottom/ Back:
    Fiberboard, Acrylic paint
    Work top:
    Particleboard, Laminate, Plastic edging, Paper foil


    Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild dish detergent or soap, if necessary.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

  • Assembly instructions

    KNOXHULT Base cabinet with doors and drawer003.722.60


Countertop length:72 3/8 "

Width:72 "

Depth:24 "

Height:36 "

  • This product comes as 3 packages.

    KNOXHULTBase cabinet with doors and drawerArticle Number003.722.60

    This product has multiple packages.

    Width:26 ½ "

    Height:2 ¾ "

    Length:74 ¾ "

    Weight:85 lb 16 oz


    Width:25 "

    Height:2 ¼ "

    Length:73 ¼ "

    Weight:76 lb 1 oz


    Width:23 ½ "

    Height:1 ½ "

    Length:73 ½ "

    Weight:41 lb 7 oz



Exactly what we needed!Michelle R.I searched high & low for something to fit in a weird space off to the side of our kitchen / walkway. I knew Ikea would not disappoint! This is a perfect fit (the measurements are always precise & dependable) and it's a solid, sturdy piece of furniture. It's working out great in our space & has totally changed that area to a useful part of our home now.5

Doors don't line upCheri L.After months of trying to fix a door that wouldn't line up I finally figured out what the problem was and it's the hinges. Y'all having problems with it just get replacement hinges and it should work!3

Very very disappointedFatima R.As happy I was for this kitchen because it was for my basement, and they recommended this kitchen because it was the perfect size. We bought this a week ago, and today we had some contractors working on the basement and we let them put it together. Unfortunately I can't place a picture otherwise you could see that the doors are not correct, 1 door false more to the left and touch the other door. If my husband put it together, I would blame him for not doing it correct. But those professionals did it, and it's a big disappointment.1

Best choice ever!Xiaohui Q.We are very happy to add it to our dining room as console table to provide more storage spaces!5

Craft room wowTrishaWe bought these cabinets for my craft room and they look great.5

Extra storageMARISAWe are happy with this purchase. Kept all extra things in this cabinet and using at our family room. Looks nice and reasonably useful for our purposes.5

It was a little difficultJudithIt was a little difficult to put together, but serves the purpose of buying it4

Doors are totally offPRACHI B.None of the door aligns. After wasting all time to assemble you find none of the doors align1

Very Disappointed!Caron E.After assembling, disassembling and reassembling the right hand door still does not line up. It is :100: not made correctly. So I have one door that overlaps and can not be used. I am beyond disappointed as I drove 3 hrs and waited 2 months for it to be in stock.1

Love itCrystalPerfect space, easy pull-out drawers, easy to assemble.5

holes do not line upJANNE C.After spending a few days assembling this, none of the lines line up. not sure if the door hinges or the holes in the cabinet and doors are off but the left side door overlaps and doesn't even close. The unit itself is very nice and sturdy but when the lines are uneven, its visually disappointing. Is there any recourse for this cabinet?? Help?2

I’m very happy with theConnyI’m very happy with the product. My one wish would be for the cabinet selves to pull out.4

great productELENthis is a great solution in case someone wants to update their kitchen so it looks fresh and dos not cost a lot of money.5

Cabinets for craftsCandaceLiked this so much that I now have 3 of them in my She Shed! storage for out of the way stuff and counter tops to work on. They are great!!5

Great CabinetMELODEESturdy, lots of room. Great quality.5

Awesome for the PriceRICARDOFor a quick Cabinets and Great Price...this is it. Availability may be a problem. It is fairly easy to assemble (youtube videos are good to get an idea). So far it is durable. The counter top is holding out well.5

Great cabinet set for kitchen or storageTrejeI bought this for a small kitchen area for my studio. It comes with everything you need, and since I wasn’t comfortable doing the Sektion cabinets online, I went with this. It is easy to put together and is customizable. The only thing I will caution you about is if you get a larger sink like I did (not the one they show in pics), you will have to cut into the frame to make the sink fit. It’s doable, but it will become a hack if you go this route. It was my first IKEA hack and while unexpected, it seems to be okay. It made the installation more complicated by far though. I would recommend this with the knowledge that a smaller sink will fit fine within the framing, where a larger sink will work, but involve a lot of measuring and cutting.5

Study and reliableLadyLocusI purchased this cabinet about four months ago. The purpose of the cabinet was to update an older kitchen. This model style helped to update the kitchen and make the area look modern. The only not to perfect part is that there is a hairline crack at the very bottom of the front base. It is noticeable if you stand at a distance. The crack does not appear to affect the function of the cabinets.5

Handle with carePinzonIt holds a lot of items and was somewhat easy to put together but like most Ikea items handle with care. We slid it to the location we wanted it at and a leg snagged and just snapped. Bummer. Then we drilled holes for hardware and the top paint comes crumbling off. Fortunately the paint was on the back side of the door and is not visible. The leg,well, we will have to think of something to hide the gash.4

Amazing storage capacity!JeanniegI had very little cabinet/work space in my tiny kitchen. This piece has solved almost all of my problems. The counter space holds a microwave, cooking utensils and leaves more counter space than I had before I downsized. The storage capacity is amazing! I would recommend purchase along with IKEA bamboo trays for center drawer. love!!!5

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