LOADED 10x30 Storage Unit: Silver, New Merchandise, Washer/Dryer, Power Wheel Cars, and More! (2023)


We recently bought this loaded storage unit up in Clarksville, TN. When I bid on the unit the main thing I was seeing that interested me was the washer and dryer. It was a bit of an unusual unit in that there was basically zero furniture in this unit. The only big items were the washer and dryer. There were a lot of good small items for our store and a lot of items to go on eBay.
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Welcome back to my channel.

If you're new here, I buy storage lockers at auction I, just bought a 10 by 30 and I think it's going to be a pretty good locker at this point, I'm, not sure with our scheduling, if I'm going to be able to go with the other guys to pick up the locker or not if I'm not able to go with them, I will show you some pictures.

The same pictures that I saw online when I've been on this unit, I am NOT going to be able to go up there with them to pick up the locker.

So we'll, just look at some pictures.

Quick looks like a lot of boxes that nice washer and dryer.

There is a grill in there there's.

Another closer, look at the washer and dryer is a 10 by 30 unit and I paid three hundred and seventy dollars for it.

They are back now with the truck.

And so we are going to head outside open that thing up and see what it looks like because mattresses here we go.

Nice, nice washer and dryer Wow.

And if those work that'll be quite a bit of money, that'll probably more than pay for the locker.

We do have some Power Wheels cars here, what two of them here, that's pretty good.

If those work that you're really easy to sell it's a perfect time here to be selling them, got a charcoal.

Grill bookshelf over there looks like a lot of boxes all right? Well, we will get these bigger items out and then start going through some boxes here's.

Our first little box let's open this up and see what we've got looks like kids shoes Nike kind of it's converse.

So not very good shape, obviously, it's kids shoes, but that's bands that may have been bands as well set bands.

Yeah, that's vans, I, don't know why I said, converse, oh, they're converse.

These kids shoes they will sell pretty well.

And if there's any, you know, honey, Nikes that are in good shape.

They saw really well online these aren't in very good shape.

So we'll just sell them out of our store looks like it's all it's.

In there.

Here, we've got a big plastic, tote it's like mostly full of clothes, a bunch of toy animals here.

This is like that German brand.

These things are really expensive sumit like too risky, tight places, yeah.

Another one of the same brand it's like SCH le.

I CH I think it's, German, I, don't, really know, but these might these might have some value online there's a lot here.

All right what else anything else interesting in here, Oh clothing, nice hat.

Chevy, look, all right, looks like it's all clothing in there all sort of through there, of course and keep going this little box is marked kids books, it's, not heavy, though, like you would expect hooks to be what's, actually inside definitely kids stuff toys, checking cheese tickets a bunch of it Barbie or they type a doll.

One book, that's more books down there.

Some colored pencils, nothing too exciting got a big box here.

It says, mini room pretty light.

So I'll see looks like we got pillows, no it's a giant bear blanket here.

And then a giant bear a couple giant bears the name on them animal, Ally, hmm.

And then down the bottom looks like we've got a blanket all right.

Well, keep going.

This is kind of an interesting box it's full of new in the package toys, it's.

Great thing to have in our store around Christmas.

Time packaging seems to be slightly damaged.

But this toys look like they're, brand, new that's, probably 40, 50 bucks worth of toys here for us.

The next box says, rene important papers.

So we will see I guess I've got some tablets in here looks like some DVDs kind of tablets are these Polaroid and Amazon a long time since I found a working Amazon tab, but I find a lot of these.

But not bringing me that work some shoes Jessica Simpson.

Those have prices on them it's marked down to 25 bucks.

Spray top ciders know, what's some sort of watch here sure face, doesn't mean anything to me little bowtie, actually mints in there.

Yep, sometimes people hide stuff in weird ways.

We have an iPhone it's got to be what a 6 plus or 6s, whatever check that out man looks like DVDs, a bunch of that's, pretty good box.

Some value there I've got another box here marked important papers last couple of boxes, though that had been marked paperwork had other stuff in them.

So let's see about this one, oh goodness tape.

Securely there we go does look like a lot of paperwork in here.

What else pull all this paperwork out anything else in there? Andy some pull-ups.

Some gloves PSP game.

Some books a phone cover phonecase business cards, the a phonebox, well, it's a 256, gigabyte, maybe that's for that iPhone that I found earlier.

This is a speaker and pill ball for the veterinarian medicine all right.

Well, I'll sort through these papers, make sure there's nothing else there and we'll keep going another big box here, it's got all kinds of different things marked on it.

So just open it up and see looks like all kinds of different stuff.

A hodgepodge it's kind of dirty, see there's anything that grabs my attention I'm, not saying, really a whole lot here.

Alright, I will sort through that if I find anything super exciting, I will show it to you all otherwise we'll move on to the next one here's, a big purse to go through see what we got it's full of stuff kind of just the hodgepodge that we're finding in a lot of boxes in this locker.

When it's good stuff like there, you go bathtub paint brush, pens and looks like there's.

Another pack in there that's been open bizarre.

What else we got here got a case for an iPhone this little toy over here.

What do we get coconut? Milk body, wash it's, empty.

Does it look like anything else in here? I just priced, some of the toys out of this locker.

These are all toys that now we're open or we're.

Not as valuable is about 50 bucks worth in that tote.

And then here are a bunch of toys then I'm going to put on eBay, or that someone's gonna put on eBay quite valuable.

Actually surprisingly, valuable, I'd guess there's a couple hundred bucks worth of toys here.

A lot of you know, kids show character toys.

So should you pretty well with that here's another box? So I'm gonna note about these boxes, it seems like they have been opened because we've got I mean, here's.

This one's got some tape on it, but it's, not taped shut.

And the writing on it is covered up.

So I, don't know, if they've reused the boxes, they moved a couple of times or what this one says, Renee's books, see what we actually have in here got some chocolate got a belt, Pokemon, Valentine's, Day box.

He traps some paperwork in here looks like they listen alcohol.

This is a box for a pair of shoes that we found earlier the boss and the real boss, here's, an iPhone case, 64 gigabyte, iPhone it's, just the box though we found the iPhone it's actually around here, somewhere it's like some makeup in their empty box for a phone case, here's a remote for a TV.

We have a TV somewhere around that came out of this locker.

So that might go to that anything else tissues.

My paperwork, one DVD here, it's in there looks like that is all there here's.

Our next box says, Nana box on this side, Renee's box body, spray body wash.

So what do we have bubbles some body spray? They gold.

The top mixed drinks, a haircare stuff in here, some makeup bath bomb or some pepper spray that's.

It I'll sort through there anything that we can sell I will pull out then we'll move on another box says, T a n.

Okay, I, don't know, it's like we got lowly in here.

Anything of note, it's, an Xbox game, Xbox, 360, yeah, battlefield 3 well, scratched up.

Ah, not very surprising.

Considering all right.

There is what looks like maybe a Nike box in there.

A bunch of hangers.

Look at this belt.

That is a belt buckle all right, no, we're gonna dig these hangers out and then color stuff.

See what's underneath this is one of those in sticks, mini 8 cameras, sings I, don't know, if they still are popular, they were really popular for a while kind of cool kind of like a old Polaroid camera, just instant little picture that it puts out.

They were pretty valuable for a while I don't know, the value has held up, though I kind of doubt it has.

This is an empty box a whole bundle.

In those case, I find the Nike Flyknit racers, always for now a ball.

If you have the box, any shoe is another empty shoe box I'll hold on to it let's, see anything else in not seeing anything all right? Well, I will clean this out and move on.


We got a shopping bag from a clothing store.

And inside, we've got shoe boxes.

Let's see here to have a price tag of 48 bucks on them.

I kind of doubt, we'll be able to get that they're in there definitely be able to sell them.

I, don't know how much we'll get for on, but let's see another one.

These ones have a price tag of $45 on them they're in there as well kind of dirty, clean them up.

What else there is also a Walmart bag in here full of paperwork.

It looks like.

Alright, I'll sort through there and make sure there's nothing valuable.

And then we'll keep going have this orange box color, no idea what that is gonna pop it open and see what's inside, pretty heavily taped up all right, here's a makeup bag.

So I need makeup in there.


What do we get? Oops membership card and some lick Luminizer Wow.

All right? You got a remote control, some sort of little vehicle empty bags paperwork.

Here, a lot of paperwork, what's in here, makeup some use, maybe some new in there.

Anything else.

Nope all right a large box here marked storage closet question, mark, miscellaneous shoes, yes, probably shoes who knows right likes a bunch of bags and boxes in here.

This is a internet modem and router and a blu-ray player.


No it's, just it's just internet equipment.

Sometimes that stuff can be pretty valuable though set that aside and check it out it's over here, garbage bag on top inside cords, some fish food.

Oh, hey, look at this.

These are charging cords for batteries well, right on cars, which we have a couple around.

So I'll see, if these go with those it's great, good fun, I needed these it's, hoping to find it.

We got some cookie cutters, some tools in there.

There are that's what else shoe box, Jessica Simpson and big old platform.

Shoes Wow.

Those price tag on here sale down to 40 bucks box is in terrible shape.

Here is another Internet equipment piece.

This one does have AT&T on it.

So it's probably not worth anything to us at least not worth much there's.

Another piece of equipment and what's down here garbage all right off and they're sorting through this stuff and then move on I.

Think this box says, hammers, maybe there's tools in here about to find out it's kind of heavy let's, see a hammer and a board game that boggle here looks like it's complete a lot of hammers.

One, two there's, not just two got some bulbs for flowers.

Some of the hand tools in here, some flower seeds box just says, me me and Marcus that is a key for like some sort of walk might be a gun lock like paperwork in here all right pull that out in this bag over here.

We got it's like more paperwork, I don't, see anything else in there.

Don't, wait a mobile hotspot, I think all right more paperwork down in here.

Yep, nice compass.

Look it up and see it might be an eBay item in here.

Star finder navigation.

Nice, oh, you're worth some money.

Look that up.


And that goes with it here's the case for that ruler thing, the parallel rulers.

Alright, anything else in here of note, a license plate from Virginia, all right looks like the rest of that is paperwork.

I'll course, suit sort through there, make sure there's nothing badly bowled that I missed pop this thing open and see what's, actually packed in there see a phone case, some papers, very old, french fry, just how things go that's, an old good night, it's, an old OtterBox, I, don't know, what that was for a pair of glasses, that's broken got a battery pack for an xbox controller, xbox, 360 Gears of War it's in there.

Oh yeah, a lot of trash.

A lot of paperwork, all right pull some of this stuff out of here.

Some change couple pennies, a lot of these boxes.

You don't have these little plastic bags full of stuff in them.

So it takes a while to go through see anything interesting in here, here's a phone, what garbage these little things, no matter what they are.

Usb adapters.

We can sell these for 50 cents that's.

What we sell them for out of our store jump rope here, some more change let's just go through this and see anything else exciting in here pay for work down here at the bottom say, that's, all there is let's see me there's something in here, maybe a makeup bag.

It could be jewelry.

You never know, yeah, there's some jewelry in there, some more pennies I'll, pull that chain out I, don't think, it's, real gold.

But you never know pull that chain out quickly here have a look, no it's, not it's costume, all right.

So a handful of jewelry there I'll have to sort through there and check that over on this side, well, open it up and see dry erase marker odds and ends.

Nothing really all right? Well, I will go through that stuff, carefully make sure that I didn't, miss anything.

And then we'll go on shlocker was a bit unusual, because it didn't have hardly any furniture.

The only big items in it worse was this whirlpool.

This is the wash machine and over here is the dryer, and they both work we're, just giving them cleaned up and we'll get them up for sale.

Another thing that came out of this locker was a couple ride on cars, actually, three of them there's.

This one this one and this one they all work it's, just a matter of getting them cleaned up charged up and up for sale, he's, an idea of just some of the stuff that we have put on eBay out of this locker, all those toys, several of these pairs of shoes that are over here came out of that locker, some more toys here, some more shoes down here.

And of course, those little animals those little model animals, those have a lot of Watchers on them.

So have some good items and here's a whole other tote of stuff to go on eBay a lot of shoes and there's some clothing, some more toys.

So good stuff.

Normally I put miscellaneous smalls.

You know, knives jewelry, cellphones tablets stuff like that into individual little totes.

You know, if you they talk about like that size, but there were so many in this locker I was not able to do that.

So I just throw everything into a big tote I will not bore you with watching me sort through this, but I will show you the result at the end here are all the smalls laid out we'll just start on this side and work our way over got a older film, camera, I'll, look that up see if it has any value, probably doesn't a couple of knives here, Gerber Smith and Wesson.

And then a Maxum steel I'm, not familiar with you have the butt plate for a gun.

I think, that's.

What that is it could be something else that's what it looks like to me, though, I, don't see a name on that got a Yankee Candle got some batteries always need more batteries for testing stuff that we find I've got a whole bunch of watches over there.

Nothing special nothing, expensive costume jewelry across the top here more down.

Here, I've got a couple of nicer titanium and steel rings over there I'll be pretty easy to sell whole bunch of chuck-e-cheese passes I.

Guess? And somebody had like a birthday party at Chucky Cheese, and they bought like a package, and they got a whole bunch of these pass cards, I, don't know, if there's anything on them, but I'll, give them to my little brothers, and though I guess going see if they can use those it's some more costume, jewelry that's, the change that we found in this Walker I.

Guess, maybe like four or five dollars there there's it's, mostly pennies, not a whole lot of silver coins in there.

But you know made some quarters and dimes and stuff one single dollar bill.

We have this coin here, which I'm guessing is a reproduction of an old I.

Think it supposed to be a Greek coin.

Maybe Roman I'll.

Look it up.

I, don't think, it's anything I, don't think, it's even real silver.

We do have a penny here from England from 1913 I can interesting.

And we have seven point, nine euros, I know, seven euros and ninety cents that's.

All there I don't know what these things are even for a Oh Smith know what that is, oh, then a handful stamps.

Some value there in the stamps forever, stamps always nice to find those down.

Here is the silver that we found no gold in this locker kind of surprised.

It looked like a lock that you might find, you know, a gold ring or gold earrings in.

But no gold.

There was two pair there, sterling silver earrings.

And then these two rings so not a lot of silver, but not bad total value.

Here guess probably around a hundred bucks, there's, nothing really fabulous in this stuff.

Of course, this is not show the electronics that were in the smalls I didn't have space on my little table here so I'm going to move this stuff and go get the electronics and check those out, and then I will show those to you.

And just a quick look at the electronics.

I've got a.

We got a DS handful of phones some controllers and stuff wireless speaker got a video camera over there over here.

We have some tablets.

And then here, the two probably best finds as far as the electronics go a couple of iPhone six-plus with the box, which hardly ever find these things with their boxes.

But we did on this locker, I found two of them.

And so a lot of this stuff will end up going on eBay and there's, probably no with the iPhones, a couple hundred bucks worth of value here for us.

So that's, pretty good that's.

Gonna do it for this locker is a pretty good locker for us on the washer and dryer it's probably worth about $500.

There was a lot of eBay items in this locker.

Probably about a thousand dollars, especially with all those toys.

And then there was some clothing that will go on eBay, lots of shoes stuff like that.

So probably about a thousand dollars worth of eBay, and then probably another one or two thousand dollars worth of stuff to sell out of our store.

So a good locker for us.

It's always nice when you get one that's like this and there's a lot of value in it as always thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to see more videos like this, you.

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