A casual spring weekend in NYC plus antique shopping upstate for the first time... the first two shops were in Newburgh, NY (Newburgh Vintage Emporium and Newburgh Vintage Emporium Warehouse). Already wanting to plan another trip to Hudson though! Thanks for being here :)

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Do I decided to make a little saturday vlog.

And it is a beautiful day.

We are going to the park later on right now, we're going to a children's clothing store.

So that's, what we're doing now that street was a little noisy so we're going to the park with our friends later on.

But first, we are going to a baby store to try and find just like a simple white shirt.

So he can wear these cute little yellow, striped overalls.

When we're in the park later on I'm, bringing some wooden easter eggs, so that we can paint them we're going to bring some snacks and it's going to be a beautiful day.

This is the outfit that I was telling you about that.

I want wanted to find a white onesie to go underneath.


So I think this is what we're wearing the back have pockets earrings.

And then I think I'm good to go.

I need to get him dressed, oh, my gosh.

I completely forgot about my haircut.

Actually, I didn't forget about it.

I just had the wrong time written down on my calendar.

But it is at 10.

And I thought it was 11 so not to sprint there really quickly haircut is complete I'm sitting on the stoop waiting for the liquor store to open up with my mimosa ingredients, lots of orange juice, um we're going to a brunch and easter brunch at my friend's apartment later on.

So I was in charge of mimosa ingredients.

And I've also just picked up my favorite scones from my coffee shop.

But I was thinking because I was late for my haircut appointment.

And that is not the first time that has happened since becoming a mom.

And I just feel like I'm struggling a bit with all of my responsibilities.

A lot of cups of life and there's like family cup.

The work cup friend cup health personal cup.

And like if I'm pouring a lot into one cup, it's hard to have enough for the other cups.

You know, if I'm I feel like if I'm excelling in my job cup, my family or social life cup is like not getting enough.

So anyways, I don't know what I'm saying, but those are my stupid thoughts for today, windy cold spring day back home with my little buddy.

But now I'm just going to figure out what to wear to this brunch and we're going to my friend anna's apartment, she's been hosting a lot of like things lately.

Wow, this apartment is nice behind me, but um she's been hosting a lot.

So I thought I would bring a hostess gift, but it's, gold and silver.

And it has like a checkered pattern.

You got ready to go.

See your friends, your buddies, your 30 year old buddies.

You need some baby friends, hurricane it's like the magic school bus all right.


Tj just went in to get jersey mics.

There is like one jersey mike's in all of manhattan.

So whenever we're on some sort of road trip, I make sure to stop by jersey mike's.

We are just exploring honestly, we're, just we don't really have a a very set strict plan.

But I knew I wanted to go to a few antique shops up here for a few reasons one.

I wanted to find some cute things to like kind of complete the nursery and just be done with that room for a while also I wanted to look for inspiration for our bedroom, there's, a few places in our bedroom that I'm wanting to kind of refresh.

And I just have no idea where to start.

So I wanted to go to some antique shops and get some inspo.

I also just wanted to see like more of the state of new york.

I feel like we don't don't, really like when we leave the city it's, usually to like north carolina, or rhode island, just to visit family like a field trip with the babies hurley brooks is asleep and then I'm, slowly, adding more and more into this trunk.

And I am going to show you everything that I got when we get home, I'm really excited for a lot of these and drive up to hudson new york, which is a town that I've been wanting to see for quite some time.

So we're probably just going to get out and walk around and head back home.

That is the plan today with pearl.

This place has everything it is like a dream, and I feel like I could spend hours here.

Yeah, makes it their own little cubby.

All right? This place is apparently three times the size of the first place.

So let's see what we can find.

Oh, my goodness.

This place is so big so big, I think it's, 30 000 square feet.

We are back home from our day trip in hudson.

And we also went to newburgh, and I already want to plan a trip back that was so much fun.

And I could have spent hours and hours and hours just in these stores it's like a an antique dream.

It is there are so many first up this wine rack.

This is a shirt that I got for.


It was like it feels so thick and great quality and just pretty much just a nice shirt, a racket.

And I thought this would I've seen a lot of children's rooms with a racket on the wall as like decor? So I think I'm going to put this on the back of one of his closet doors or the front of one of his closet doors, just to kind of add some character to the room, tiny little art print.

So I was looking for small small art for our kitchen and and I'm talking about like our kitchen kitchen where the stove is and the washer and dryer, which is kind of weird.

But in new york kitchens are just kind of weird.

So I haven't really decorated our kitchen kitchen.

Yet I just did that kind of extension room outside of the kitchen.

And where the refrigerator is, I love the linen mat.

So I am going to put that in our kitchen.

I also found other kitchen wall items like very small because our kitchen is small thought.

This was cute to just hang on a kitchen wall also found this, which could also be hung on a kitchen wall just it's, just a tiny little chair.

And I thought it this is so random.

But I thought this would be cute in, um, a children's cabinet, like a stuffed animal, a stuffed animal can sit on it.

You probably hear brooks blowing bubbles right now.


His new favorite thing.

He just discovered his ability to blow bubbles, not 100 sure where these are going to go.

But I thought they were cool potential kitchen wall options because it's, obviously like just botanical fruit prints.

And yeah, like this is even more random.

I think than the tiny little chair because this is very I feel like this is a very girly chair and it's.

A children's chair.

Obviously, it's, extremely tiny of the floral print, the color of the wood, the like intricate detailing of this of the legs.

I just had to have it.

I could not pass this by giant framed art looks like the reservoir path.

This does.

So this reminds us of tj just reminded me that this looks like this path that we live very nearby, but it looks like this path in the park.

Most of that was found in newburgh.

And then we stopped in hudson hudson had like a lot.

It seemed I didn't.

We didn't spend too much time there, but it seemed from what I could tell that hudson has a lot of higher end antique stores.

And we went to this store.

This entire video is just gonna be him blowing bubbles.

So I stopped by the store called red chair on warren.

These are just little like lavender sacks, but the owner was currently in on a trip in france like shopping.

And I am I just loved every single thing in her store, um I'm going to have to go back.

There was a table that I wish I had space for.

I just don't.

Think we have space for it or a need for it.

But I don't know, I might have to find space for it that store was definitely pricey.

It was not like, um, it was definitely pricey, but it was beautiful.

Everything was just so perfectly like.

It was just beautiful.

I found these baby spoons that I thought would be cute to like stir coffee in the store.

They were just sitting in this jam bowl.

So this is gonna be the situation in the kitchen.

And I want to add a little shelf, um near our coffee maker to add this.

I really want to plan another trip to that town.

It was so cute, um, I think that's it.

Oh, no.

I have two more.

So I found these mirrors when I was checking out, I saw on the wall, these two mirrors, and I was like, can I get one mirror, not knowing that they actually came in a set? So I found a mirror for his nursery and I'm going to put the second mirror over my vanity in our bedroom.

So I'll show you them.

This is the mirror that I got.

I found two of I'm, not even knowing that they came in a set.

So that was a nice surprise.

But I I love that it's, not overly ornate, because I feel like sometimes things can be a little too ornate.

And it takes away from like a masculine feel.

So I wanted something that was a little simple, but had a touch of detail.

So once I put hang this up in the nursery, this weekend I'll show you what actually that'll probably be almost the last thing to do in the nursery, I need to find some curtains that work for the room, but other than that.

The nursery is basically done.

It was so much fun that was like such a much needed day.

It was relaxing.

It was nice to just like get out of the city for a change.

And now I feel inspired.

So thank you so much for watching.

And my next video will definitely be nursery updates the progress we've made in that room, because it is almost complete I'll do a full nursery tour as well as like a whole apartment tour.

Thank you again so much for watching if you want to see more videos, be sure to subscribe, and I will see you next time.

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