The New POEA Eregistration Version 2 - Update for OFWs & Seafarers (2024)

Dubbed eRegistration Version 2, POEA recently made a soft launch of their newest online platform for overseas workers.

It replaces the old (well, not really) e-registration system we’re using.

One of my readers commented on my previous “e-Registration how-to” article about a new tool on their website.

I immediately checked it out and verified the information.

The New POEA Eregistration Version 2 - Update for OFWs & Seafarers (1)

At first, I was not able to log in to the old system. A link taking me to their new online platform was shown which I quickly explored.

I will share it with you in a few moments.

In the meantime, here’s an advisory from POEA about the new system they’re implementing. Click on the green link to view it.

Contents Overview

Why Create a New One?

As we all experienced, the current system is slow and faulty. The downtime can be very frustrating too.

To address this issue, the ICT Branch of POEA launched this in-house developed version.

The new system allows for faster, more reliable, and more efficient processing of OFW registration.

e-Reg System Version 2.0 was in beta test mode for the whole month of October. It officially took off in the second week of November 2019.

The New POEA Eregistration Version 2 - Update for OFWs & Seafarers (2)

All licensed land-based and manning agencies, applicant workers, and current overseas workers including seafarers are advised to adopt this new version.

By the end of the year 2019, the old version of the eRegistration System was no longer accessible.

The Old E-Reg System

The old website for E-Registration is now offline.

You have to directly go to version 2 to access your account or create a new one.

Continue reading below to get the whole registration process as well as the new eReg website.

The New POEA Eregistration Version 2 - Update for OFWs & Seafarers (3)

You won’t find any Forget Password option so you really don’t have a choice.

If you haven’t got an eRegistration account, you will not be able to create one using the old system. You have to directly use Version 2.

E-Registration Version 2

EXISTING USERS of the old eServices portal need not create a new account nor migrate their profile. All you have to do is follow the new link.

It will take you to the new platform where you can log in to the system. The steps are very simple to follow.

For NEW USERS, you have to create an account first which is also easy to do.

Version 2.0 is now under the Department of Migrant Workers. The info here may still point out to POEA but the methods can still be applicable to problems with your DMW account.

1. New Users, Click On “Register”

Accept the terms and conditions. Fill out the necessary details on the next page according to what appears in your passport.

Make sure you follow all the Reminders or Paalala listed so you won’t have unnecessary troubles while creating your account.

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2. Use “Forget Password” for Existing Users

The new website address is

Your old password, the one you used in the old system, may not be recognized.

This is actually their Version 3 since they changed the website for the third time.

If this is the case, use the Forget Password option to re-activate your account.

You need to enter your email address and birth date. Then proceed to Step 3.

The New POEA Eregistration Version 2 - Update for OFWs & Seafarers (5)

2-B. If Step 2 Fails for “Existing Users”

Log in to the Version 2 website using your old Username and Password from Version 1.

A form will appear next prompting you to fill out the details needed. Enter your email address, birthday, first name, and last name you have in V1.

Click the submit button and proceed to Step 3.

3. Check Your Email

Whether you use Step 1 or 2, the system will send an email to your registered email address for activation and verification purposes.

It contains your temporary password which you must change after logging in.

If you didn’t receive any email, check your spam folders, junk, or archives as it may also go there.

The New POEA Eregistration Version 2 - Update for OFWs & Seafarers (6)

4. Log in and Change Your Password

Your account is activated or re-activated after receiving the email. The last part of this step is to log in and change your password.

As a security reminder, always create a strong password that you can remember. It should be in alphanumeric format with at least 8 characters.

The New POEA Eregistration Version 2 - Update for OFWs & Seafarers (7)

But you really don’t need to memorize it.

Here’s a tip. Write your password in a notepad. Combine numbers, symbols, and letters in upper and lower cases. Create one which is more than 10 characters long.

Save that file and copy-paste it upon logging in.

5. Done and Dashboard

That’s it! You are finished and you’re online ereg profile is ready. Note that your agency may need your eRegistration ID number. It’s seen on the dashboard.

For existing users, all the information you had from the old system is automatically imported here. You can still update it whenever necessary.

However, there are some details that you can’t change. In this case, ask for assistance from your manning agencies.

Exploring Your e-Reg Version 2

After following the steps above, you can now log in with your email and password.

There are only 6 tabs that you can explore here- Dashboard, Profile, Education, Experience, Resume, and Logout.

On the Dashboard, you can quickly see your e-registration number. However, your Profile and Passport pictures may be blank.

I succeeded in uploading my pictures without any hassles. Follow the specs and everything will go smoothly.

Image Specifications


  1. Passport Size
  2. Less than 2MB JPG/ JPEG file
  3. The image should be clean and clear.


  1. First Page of Passport.
  2. Less than 2MB JPG/ JPEG file.
  3. The image should be clean and clear.

Editing and Adding Details

New users will have to input the remaining information, though not all of them are required. There are also details which you can not change by yourself.

Your first, middle, last name, suffix (if any), birth date, gender, and email address are untouchable.

If you have any problems with these, please contact your manning agencies.

You can avoid having such difficulties in the first place. Simply enter the correct info upon creating your account.

I made a separate post on how to fix Eregistation problems.

Though that article is intended for the old system, most of its contents are also applicable in Version 2.

Let me know in the comments how your e-Registration V2.0 turned out.

May the winds be in your favor.

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The New POEA Eregistration Version 2 - Update for OFWs & Seafarers (2024)
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