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we decided to go out and try to look for some furniture on this day it was beautiful and I hope you guys enjoyed this video because there was a lot of nice living room sets there even bedroom sets as well as appliances. if you guys enjoyed this video like, share, comment and subscribe hit the notification Bell. However, hit a thumbs up and leave a comment down below👇 My t vlog team 😀😃😁🙂🥰

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musician: Jason Shaw

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There we go, yes, okay.

Here, oh guys.

My cartels.

She hit me.

Yes, you don't all right? Guys? Okay, y'all you can't see that sign, but that's, aaron's rental.


Okay, guys all right.

All right, oh, this is 263.

Yeah, but that's monthly.

Oh per month.

How many inches is it? I don't know, this is cute he's, cute, see, that's.

The only thing that gets to me.

This is what I don't want furniture that song to the back.

Because when you sit down, the pillows get flat and you push down, and it breaks the thing and the tears, yeah, but it's.

So pretty pretty soon.



Look at this that we're here.

This is aaron's room.

This is where we're at it's, pretty I liked.

It I'll be over there.

I'll be over there.

Don't rush me I'm coming.

I don't like that all that mom mom, this is like, oh, this is a recliner.

Auntie, sit.

There sit there ain't to sit on that that's, a recliner sit on there.

Let me see what yeah, sit down.

Let me see, yeah, it's a rocker sit down, sit back what that's what your father do how I feel and then it's the recliner part right here where you lift the uh hook up and keep recline and extend the legs up I like that, yep, but what is the pro? The pro is good? The kind is this it's right here? Yes, it is nice.

Look at that velvet back here.

You know what I'm set this is pretty now here's one that don't have where the pillows are don't.

Look like the pillows are sewn on this one here, look at the table.

Girl so cute, oh, the pillows are sound on here.

Yeah, the pillows are sold on this one here, too, yeah.

They went you can't die.


You can buy that's worth their own look at this.

They will say, that's, pretty I like that height on that bed that's too high for me over there.

Yeah, but that's nice, yeah.

I mean, the way the power number is made, yeah, I like this.

I like the headboard that's, pretty that velvet headboard, that's, pretty too shaky.

Ain't fascinated over the tvs.

Oh, my gosh, here's, the gaming area, y'all here's me, really, yo.

I really been looking for a gaming computer so it's my face in my area.

This is first thing first hurry up.

These are nice though y'all, right, you know, right? Well, we're kind of like browsing and trying to, um she's, just throwing away.

The bathroom we're just kind of browsing brown, no I'm.


Thank you.

Do you think I should get a containers here too like like this is pretty like okay, y'all.

I think I might find what I'm looking for.

This is nice.

The pillows on my phone on look out if there's a nice turnaround, the clothes up here.

Yeah, I like this.

I do not own copyrights to the music.

So I will put music over this part of the video you can tell.

But this is not refrigerators.

I love this beard.

I'm gonna check over here.

This is cute.

I love it.

I don't.

But this plant looks pretty I like to paint like this.

It's, pretty this is cute five.

I like that little set right there right there.

This is cute too that's, too cool.

Yeah, yeah, I'm, looking, you know what I'm really looking for something I like that.

But I I like this too, this is like this is recliner, too.

Are you going them? Come take that stuff out of my uh, my house and put this in I like that that's enough music, oh, yeah.

Refrigerator out over here.

I like this watching the dryer.

This is nice thing up in the middle, but they say the old ones are better than the new ones.

So I don't know, I can say it could be because I still got my own set.

This is pretty I like this table here.

It goes really good with that this here, too it's in tables and that's nice, too it's.

What you see what'd, you say, look at this bed, that's cute, oh, I like that chesterton that chester drawer it's cute he's like I'll, put some lights on that and sit in a corner.

These are cute too really cute.

Look at the families and stuff.

Yeah, that's really cute for a little kid.

I like that, yeah, right? Yeah.


I was looking at this set here too this.

Here, the pillows are sewn on though, but that's it back there.

Yeah, that's that over there.

The pillows are not signed up is another washer.


I don't need another washer because I got a washer that's.

My mama said, it still works.

You still want to want to use the hookup thing.

Yeah, it's already up.

Just, yes, you could sleep on it.

Yeah, like so that's.

What that's how that big cherry is down there and what's the name too? Yeah, yeah, I'm like what's.

It called no that's the ottoman.

Now this here sit down in it it's, a recliner sit down and see it's hair, right? There, okay, that's cute, though, it's, literal it's, just cute too that's.

When you get buddy when you hit like this here, yeah, no.

Look at that right there on that side.

Yeah, look on that side over there for a little girl that's.

What I was thinking, you should need something like that, but that's what I'm saying she should get something like keep that room.

You got to keep buddy on top and put rainy at the bottom.

Cause she she can't even use people.

You should know she can't swim that's what I'm saying now what about this one does this flip nope that's.

The only thing look like I don't like that the color like this, I like leather like like feel this like this right here, that's white kind of suede leather.

Come here.

This is cute too.

I like the centerpiece it's cute right? This is pretty they got some pretty things.

I want one of them.

I want one ain't.

My mama used to have a plant like that.

Okay, like she comes together like aaron's running out earrings.

No actually, big glass has a better a better, uh section of furniture little things.

Hawaiian brothers is really cool.

But I've never tried it.

Sir all right? I don't like that price shop over there, other than I really do because it's gonna be high and that man got mad and somebody down here.

He said, I'm coming back to shoot up this place.

Yeah, y'all.


Now we are at big blocks, headed in the beach.

Can you hear me what? Yeah, a little ashy, blue, top nails, don't, come from you about to eat.

Let me just go on here to do what I'm doing y'all got that lilies, little feet.

Okay, is that's cute, though, this is cute just remember that's cute to get something to buddy, that's, cute.

Okay, see he's gonna slip over here like these clothes on this one for here.

Yep, this one has a thousand, huh that one's cute it's, cute, too.


Here we go.

Look at this.

This is a cedar.

Oh, no.

These are cute look at this.

One should I say this is a theater chair.

This is a theater chair.

Hey, hit 100 easy.

Pay one dollar down today.

Yes, I'm almost done.

I know, cause you gonna be I so that's cute excuse that over there, you said, this is cute.

I don't like this one.

This one is, yeah, like they got a special if you pay a dollar now yeah is this so long, oh, this is not something look at this shay.

Look at this one.

This is cute right now.

Laying it this one here, and it looks like here.

Hold this like this.

Here, I'm gonna sit down just hold it.

Just like that there.

Yeah, just hold it up like that don't touch the button.

Stop I'm, not I'm, just your finger.


Look at this.

Hold it like this.

There you go sugar.

You got it.

Okay, yeah.


I like that you want to sit down, not really come on sit down and see how I feel it's firm.

I see one, yeah, it's, nice and firm.


Now, sitting on the middle seat, right there, yeah, I'll see how that feels, yeah and it's, just that one's more firm that one kind of sinks a little further.

Okay, yeah.

Come on.

Okay as far as they draw.

This is nice.

It is.

I don't know how much this one goes for if it's already been soldered, yeah.

And then this one here, this is cute, yeah, see mama I'm hungry.

She said, go get a bag of this crap and eat it.


She eat that fat crap.

These are good.

I had a bag of them from the dollar tree.

Those are good.

Somebody left their clothes, too all the sweet treats look at the sweet treats all right like share.

Comment, subscribe hit the notification bell, y'all.


What did big lots used to be called? ›

The Art Of The Deal

Consolidated launched the Odd Lots/Big Lots closeout chain in 1982. Over the years the chain grew to include stores doing business as Big Lots, Odd Lots, Mac Frugal's Bargains * Closeouts, and Pic 'N' Save.

Who owns Big Lots? ›

Big Lots Inc (NYSE:BIG)

Institutional investors hold a majority ownership of BIG through the 104.06% of the outstanding shares that they control. This interest is also higher than at almost any other company in the Discount Stores industry.

How many locations does Big Lots have? ›

1424 Big Lots Locations

City, State/Province, Zip or City & Country Submit a search. Use My Current Location.

Does Big Lots take Apple Pay? ›

What forms of payment do you accept In-store? We accept cash, checks, gift cards, merchandise cards, EBT/ SNAP (at select stores), Visa, Mastercard, Big Lots Credit Card, American Express, Discover, and Apple pay for in-store purchases.

Why are things cheaper at Big Lots? ›

Big Lots, which operates more than 1,400 stores nationwide, specializes in cutting deals on closeouts and overstocks from other retailers. Big Lots buys it on the cheap and sells it that way.

What is Big Lots comparable to? ›

Big Lots's competitors. Big Lots's competitors and similar companies include Burlington Stores, Target, Walmart, Costco and Dollar General. Big Lots is a non-traditional, discount retailer. Target is a general merchandise retailer.

Why are so many Big Lots stores closing? ›

The retailer is closing stores in and around big cities and opening them in small towns. Big Lots is facing declining sales as inflation weighs on budget-conscious consumers.

Is Big Lots changing its name? ›

The Consolidated Stores Corporation, a chain of closeout stores, has changed its name to Big Lots to take advantage of its best-known brand. The company said it would also change the names of its Odd Lots, Mac Frugal's and Pic 'N' Save stores to Big Lots in the next two years. The company is based in Columbus, Ohio.

Do Big Lots employees get a discount? ›

Big Lots employees receive a merchandise discount.

Is Big Lots closing in 2023? ›

Big Lots, 2023

According to the February 20 article "More than 800 stores are closing across the US in 2023. Here's the full list.", The retail discount business will be closing three locations in the state of California and four in the state of Colorado.

Which state has the most Big Lots? ›

There are 1,428 Big Lots stores in the United States as of May 30, 2023. The state with the most number of Big Lots locations in the US is Texas, with 120 stores, which is about 8% of all Big Lots stores in the US.

Who did Big Lots buy out? ›

In 1997, Big Lots Inc. bought out 'MacFrugals' (Pic 'N' Save) stores for $995 million in stock, eventually converting them to the Big Lots brand. In 2000, Consolidated Stores Corp. sold the KB Toys and Toy Liquidators lines to private equity shops.

What bank is Big Lots with? ›

Big Lots Credit Card Accounts are issued by Comenity Capital Bank.

What is daily pay at Big Lots? ›

DailyPay enables you to view your Big Lots paycheck and transfer the money to a bank account, pay card or debit card for a transactional fee. You can also save your earned pay in a savings account of your choice at no cost. DailyPay is not a payday loan.

How much does Big Lots pay near me? ›

Average Big Lots hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.84 per hour for Customer Service Associate / Cashier to $22.52 per hour for Assistant Store Manager. The average Big Lots salary ranges from approximately $18,000 per year for Cashier to $68,388 per year for Store Manager.

Can you negotiate furniture prices at Big Lots? ›

Big Lots also has a price match guarantee.

The prices on Big Lots furniture and other items aren't necessarily always the same on the website and in stores. So, if you notice that a particular item is less expensive online, let the store associate know before you check out so they can honor the lowest price.

How does Big Lots sell furniture so cheap? ›

These furniture pieces – like sofas, recliners, and dining sets – are all brand new, first quality pieces. Big Lots can offer incredible prices because if another company buys too much of an item, then Big Lots will purchase the extra quantities at a lower price and then pass the savings on to you.

How does Big Lots get their inventory? ›

Distribution Centers. Big Lots distribution system is designed to get great deals into shopping carts faster. Our five major distribution centers have nearly nine million square feet of space and use highly automated systems to receive, prepare, load, and ship merchandise.

Is ollies and Big Lots the same? ›

Big Lots and Ollie's: Not the Same, Business Differences Result in Different Outlooks.

Is Big Lots a competitor of Target? ›

Big Lots competitors include Costco, Target, Burlington Industries and Walmart. Big Lots ranks 3rd in Employee Net Promoter Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Does Big Lots have their own brand? ›

Get familiar with our favorite Big Lots bed and bath brands; Aprima for luxury home linens, Living Colors for fashion and affordability, and Just Home for great value. When it comes to top notch quality in home goods, start with Aprima.

Is Big Lots in trouble? ›

Summary. Big Lots has been experiencing a continued decline in its sales since the pandemic, and it has accelerated its store closings throughout the US. The company is battling multiple obstacles including the closing of its furniture vendor, debt from remodeling, excessive inventory, and inflation issues.

Why is Big Lots stock falling? ›

Summary. Big Lots is currently trading at multi-decade lows following poor results that included a suspension in their quarterly dividend. While results were disappointing, the factors driving the weakness weren't all unique to BIG. I, therefore, view the significant pullback as overdone.

Do Big Lots items come back in stock? ›

Does Big Lots offer back-in-stock notifications? Unfortunately, we are unable to offer back-in-stock notifications. Use the store locator with your zip code to find a store near you that may have your product available. Note: Big Lots carries buyout and closeout items that have limited availability.

What does Big Lots call their customers? ›

We are confident our loyal and new Pic 'N' Save customers will appreciate the changes at these stores.”

What is the new name for Pick n Save? ›

Rather, it will be known by a much more local name: “Webster's Marketplace.” Precipitated by the sale of Roundy's Inc. to Kroger Co.

What is the outlook for Big Lots? ›

Stock Price Forecast

The 8 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Big Lots Inc have a median target of 6.00, with a high estimate of 9.00 and a low estimate of 4.00. The median estimate represents a -16.72% decrease from the last price of 7.21.

Does Big Lots pay extra on holidays? ›

Yes, we did receive holiday pay and time in a half.

How often do Big Lots employees get paid? ›

Big lots pays every week.

Can you return furniture at Big Lots? ›

Returns must be made within 30 days of receipt. Bring the item, along with all packaging, paperwork, parts and accessories to any Big Lots store. To ensure a refund or exchange, the item must be in its original packaging and condition. If you do not wish to return an item delivered to you via BIG!

What business is going out of business in 2023? ›

Bed Bath & Beyond is closing all 360 of their stores.

After struggling for years, Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy and is winding down operations. They're closing all of the 360-or-stores left, and holding Bed Bath & Beyond liquidation sales. Every Bed Bath & Beyond location will close by June 30, 2023.

How much debt does Big Lots have? ›

Compare BIG With Other Stocks
Big Lots Debt/Equity Ratio Historical Data
DateLong Term DebtShareholder's Equity
55 more rows

Is Bath and Body Works closing down in 2023? ›

More than a dozen major retailers have said they will close US stores in 2023, a combined total of over 2,100 locations. Amazon, Bath & Body Works, Walmart, and Foot Locker are among the chains shutting down stores. Bed Bath & Beyond is planning to close 896 locations — the most of any retailer on the list.

What is the slogan of Big Lots? ›

Live Big. Save Lots. We're committed to being the big difference for a better life by delivering unmatched value through surprise and delight, building a best place to work culture, rewarding shareholders with consistent growth, and doing good as we do well.

What place has the most stores in the US? ›

Dollar General operates the most stores in the United States, with 17,348 currently in operation.

Where is Big Lots headquarters? ›

Who makes Broyhill furniture now? ›

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Broyhill furniture brand and related trademarks have been acquired by discount retailer Big Lots. The parent company of Heritage Home Group (HHG), former owner of Broyhill and other big name furniture brands, filed for bankruptcy last year.

Has Broyhill gone out of business? ›

United Furniture Industries, the primary vendor for Big Lots' Broyhill furniture brand, ceased operations in November “unexpectedly and without advanced notice,” CEO Bruce Thorn said in the call. As a result, the vendor did not complete shipments.

Is Lane and Broyhill the same company? ›

Broyhill Furniture Gallery in Colorado Springs, CA is an authorized dealer of Lane Home Furnishings Products. Lane prides itself in the fact that they have five of the most advanced furniture manufacturing facilities in the world.

Can I use my Big Lots credit card at Walmart? ›

It only works for Big Lots purchases

The Big Lots credit card is a closed-loop card, meaning it only works at Big Lots retail locations and online at You won't see a Visa or Mastercard logo on your physical card, and you can't use the card for purchases with other retailers.

What credit report does Big Lots pull? ›

The Big Lots Credit Card can use any of the three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax) for approval. The exact bureau they use varies on a case-by-case basis. And once your account is open, your financial activity will be reported to all three major bureaus, on a monthly basis.

How do I pay my big lot? ›

HOW CAN I PAY MY BILL? There are several options to pay your bill: online at, by phone at 888-566-4353 (TDD/TTY: 888-819-1918), or through the mail. Acceptable forms of payment include checks, money orders, or cashier's checks in U.S. dollars. There may be a fee to process a phone payment.

How much can you take out on DailyPay? ›

How much money can I access? You will have access to any amount up to, and including, the available balance shown in your DailyPay online account.

Does Big Lots take pay in 4? ›

Pay for your next purchase at Big Lots! in 4 installments over 6 weeks when you check out with Zip.

How much is it to use DailyPay? ›

There is no cost to you, when you sign up for DailyPay.

Is $25 an hour a lot? ›

Absolutely. In fact, $25 an hour is higher than the median hourly wage of $19.33 (source). That seems backwards, but typically salaried workers earn more per hour than hourly workers.

What skills do you need to work at Big Lots? ›

The popular department store desires to hire employees with a knack for providing excellent customer service and a willingness to work in a team. Workers seeking opportunities in management positions with Big Lots typically need to have up to three years of retail management experience.

When did Big Lots change their name? ›

In 2000, Consolidated Stores Corp. sold the KB Toys and Toy Liquidators lines to private equity shops. A year later, Consolidated Stores Corp. changed its name to Big Lots, Inc.

Did Big Lots used to be pick n save? ›

In 2002, Big Lots (formerly Consolidated Stores) converted them into the Big Lots brand.

Is odd lots and Big Lots the same? ›

Sol Shenk founded the company in 1967 that is now Big Lots. In 1970 the company began operating as Consolidated International. In 1983, drug store chain Revco bought New Jersey closeout retailer Odd Lot Trading Co.

Is Big Lots an off price retailer? ›

Big Lots is a unique, non-traditional, discount retailer operating more than 1,400 stores in 47 states.

Can you pay your Big Lots bill in the store? ›

How can I pay my bill? There are several options to pay your bill: in-store at any Big Lots location, online at, by phone at 888-566-4353 (TDD/TTY: 888-819-1918), or through the mail. Acceptable forms of payment include checks, money orders, or cashier's checks in U.S. dollars.

Can Big Lots coupons be used on furniture? ›

Official Big Lots coupons and promo codes for up to 20% off

Take advantage of additional savings when you use those coupons and promo codes at Big Lots. Use them to shop for outdoor furniture, mattresses, decor, and more.

Who bought out Pick n Save? ›

Kroger Family of Companies - Pick 'n Save.

Are Kroger and Pick n Save owned by the same company? ›

Roundy's Supermarkets (also known as Roundy's) is an American supermarket operator. It owns and operates stores under the names of Pick 'n Save, Metro Market, and Mariano's Fresh Market. The chain is a subsidiary of Kroger.

Who are Pick n Pay competitors? ›

Competitor comparison
  • Shoprite Holdings Ltd Headquarters. South Africa. 145,595. $12.5B.
  • The SPAR Group Ltd Headquarters. South Africa. 10,385. $9.2B.
  • Woolworths Holdings Ltd Headquarters. South Africa. 44,129. $5.4B.
  • Massmart Holdings Ltd Headquarters. South Africa. 51,000. $5.3B.

How does Big Lots make money? ›

Big Lots, Inc. engages in the operation of retail stores. It operates through the Discount Retailing segment which includes merchandising categories such as furniture, seasonal, soft home, food, consumables, hard home, and electronics, toys, and accessories.

Why did Big Lots stock drop? ›

On the day of their earnings release, Big Lots (NYSE:BIG) dropped to a 30-year low following poor results and the announcement of a suspension in their quarterly dividend. As a heavily shorted stock, the declines on the day of earnings were even more pronounced.

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